Training Programme

Ethnotech Academic solutions

ISE department has provided certification courses for students on technologies like HTML & MySQL, CISCO, Oracle, PHP, Internet of things, Data Science for students in support of Ethnotech Academic Solution, Bengaluru. 

Creative InfoTech

Students making use of training are enthusiastically implementing their projects on APP development and working on MAC platforms. IOS based application development training for  students which focuses on Mobile App development for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, using Swift language and Xcode IDE.

Creative InfoTech is also Apple authorized training providers providing  digital professional development, customized cloud solution providers. Creative InfoTech jointly with SJBIT are providing app development training for students in the various projects and faculties were given Digital Professional Development training.

Cluster Info Solutions

Cluster has trained students with the current industry demands & IT standards offer training on cutting-edge technologies like Java/JEE platform, Python, IOT, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data. Cluster has conducted internship and projects for final  year students. Final year project is carefully researched and prepared byCluster Info Solutions  to meet the demands expected in the IT industry. After completing the project students will be familiar with the Software development process followed in IT industry.

ViswaJothi Technologies

Ideating new Startup ideas, realize it and market it for public use is the formula that ViswaJothi Technologies is working on. New mass production ideas which helps the masses in an environment friendly manner. ViswaJothi Technologies  has conducted internship students on Machine Learning,  Developing Machine Learning prototypes, doing software programming,  Working on data analytics and optimization.


Code chef conducted competitive programming  to reach out and promote programming amongst students as it has certain advantages over other traditional methods. It teaches a student to write code adhering to specifications. It enforces one to write code optimized for time as well as memory. It helps learn faster. This initiative, aims to make it easier for students to start coding at a young age. And, for that, we have chosen competitive programming to be the path to reach out to the college students.