Research Initiatives

Research at the Department of Information Science and Engineering (ISE) is a key focus area, with the department serving as a recognized research center under VTU since 2009-10. The center offers Ph.D. (Full Time/Part Time) programs, with a team of 03 recognized research supervisors who specialize in a variety of domains such as Network Security, Cryptography, Computer networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Databases, Social Network Analysis, Big Data Analytics, and Parallel Processing.

Currently, the center has 08 research scholars pursuing their Ph.D. programs, and 06 scholars have been awarded Ph.Ds from the research center to date. The department’s research initiatives aim to advance the state-of-the-art in various fields of information science and engineering and to provide opportunities for students and faculty to conduct cutting-edge research.

Research Funds

Sl. No.Title of the ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorYear of Proposal/ SanctionFunding agency Proposed SanctionedProposed / Sanctioned amount in Rupees
1Media Crypt-Image and Video SteganographyMrs. Rajeshwari S2024KSCST2500/-
2EmoConnect: Nurturing Trust and Relationship Bonds in Alzheimers ConversationsMrs. Yamuna U2024KSCST5000/-
3Multipurpose Water Management for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Dissipated Water Dr. Abhilash C N2023KSCST5000/-
4Smart Nutrition Management system for Hydroponic Farming Dr. Pavitra Bai S & Mrs. Ramya BK2022VGST3.0 Lakhs
5Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring system Dr. Mohan H S & Mr. Vishruth B G2022KSCST6000/-
6Aushadhi – A Medical Chatbot to detect the patient disease based on symptoms Dr. Mohan H S & Mr. Rajesh L2021KSCST5000/-
7Face Mask detection using Deep LearningDr. Murali G 2021KSCST4000/-
8Cardiac Arrhythmia Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms Dr. Abhilash C N2020VTU5000/-
9Secured Toll Payment system using NFC Dr. Murali G2020VTU5000/-
10Smart Parking using Internet of Thing Mr. Darshan K R2019VTU5000/-
11Arduino based industrial appliances control system by decoding dual tone multi frequency signals on GSM/CDMA networkMrs. Yamuna U2019VTU5000/-
12Arduino GPS Tracking system Mr. Ranjith J2018VTU5000/-
13Automated Car with distance sensor using Raspberry Pi Mrs. Pavitra Bai S2018VTU5000/-