Special Cell for Covid-19 Pandemic

The College has constituted the Special Cell for handling the students grievance related to examination and academic matters during Covid-19 Pandemic. The Composition of the committee is as follows:

Sl. No. Name Department Designation Coordinator/
Emial ID Mobile
1 Dr. Gopalakrishna. M.T CSE Professor Nodal Officer gopalakrishnamt@sjbit.edu.in 9620208146
2 Dr. Madhu H Gowda ISE Professor Member madhuhgowda@sjbit.edu.in 9742819777
3 Dr. Ramesh P.S Civil Professor Member psramesh@sjbit.edu.in 9845679155
4 Mr. Anil Kumar. G Mechanical Associate Professor Member ganilkumar@sjbit.edu.in 9900585363
5 Mrs. Divyashree. Y.V ECE Asst. Professor Member divyashreeyv@sjbit.edu.in 9739740444
6 Mrs. Prarthana. J.V EEE Asst. Professor Member jvprarthana@sjbit.edu.in 9980177733
7 Mr. Bharath. T.S MBA Asst. Professor Member tsbharath@sjbit.edu.in 9886505967
8 Mrs. Geetha U Karanth Maths Associate Professor Member geethakaranth@sjbit.edu.in 9740182896