Academic Evaluation

The syllabus and evaluation scheme are revised by VTU periodically to meet global standards and update students to meet the challenges in latest trends in technology. While the University conducts the external assessment, it directs the framework for the institutions to conduct Internal Assessment (IA) with a methodology of Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE). 

Internal Assessment Process:  

Under the supervision of IQAC the Institute has evolved process of CIE in line with reforms of University and follows the guidelines strictly.  

Theory and Laboratory courses assessment:  

  • Central Test committee will plan internal assessment process and disseminate it to departments for execution.  
  • Three internal tests are conducted along with assignments and quizzes at regular intervals through a well-defined process in fixed time frame manner.  
  • Schedules of internal assessments are communicated to students and faculty at beginning of semester through institute academic calendar.  
  • Department coordinator will execute IA process under supervision of HOD.  
  • Before a week internal test timetable is circulated and displayed on notice board and through online circulation in website/WhatsApp groups.  
  • Faculty prepares Question papers and Scheme & Solution, question bank of MCQ following Blooms’ Taxonomy in line with OBE philosophy.  
  • Question papers are scrutinized for quality by the committee of domain experts under supervision of HOD.  
  • Department will take care of the seating and invigilator allotments, distribution of QP, monitoring of attendance, issue and collection of blue books, analysis of student attendance & performance, etc.  
  • Blue books will be handed over to the faculty for valuation, will be circulated to students for clarification.  
  • Laboratory courses are also assessed in similar philosophy appropriate to university guidelines.  
  • Slow and fast learners are identified based on performance and additional/remedial measures are initiated for improvements.  
  • IA performance is intimated to the parents by sending SMS or through PTM/Interaction.  
  • Any grievance will be addressed immediately at various levels starting from course faculty, class teacher & HOD time to time.  
  • Students are counselled/encouraged by proctors to improve their performance and students will get smooth space for sharing their grievances and get resolved immediately. 

Projects (Major/Mini)/Technical Seminar/Internship/AICTE Activity Work Assessment:  

  • Central project & Internship committee will formulate strategy for conduction of projects as per university guidelines. Above said works are carried out in either group or individual based on university guidelines.  
  • Faculty supervisors will monitor works of students regularly and guide them for better quality outcomes.  
  • Review committees will evaluate work of students periodically as laid down by central committee. Well defined rubrics are framed for assessment.  
  • Students are prepared and encouraged to participate in technical symposiums to instil confidence and overall development of personality. 

External Assessment process:  

  • The university conducts the Semester End Examination (SEE), perform evaluation and announces results.  
  • University has provided a window for application to resolve any grievance of students. Revaluation, retotaling with photocopy options are provided by university. Institution has well established portal & ICT tools enabling the online/remote assessment of the students.  
  • During pandemic period IA of both theory and laboratories, Project/Seminar/Internship reviews are conducted using college portal & ICT.