Civil Engineering

Research Centre: Civil Engineering 

Degree : Doctor of Philosophy( Ph.D) 

Affiliation: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) 

Duration: Full time 03-years, part time 05-years. 

Department : Department of Civil Engineering

Eligibility criteria:  

  • For a Ph.D degree, interested candidates need to have an M.Tech degree under respective specializations. 
  • Candidates seeking admission to Ph.D program offered by Visvesvaraya Technical University are required to appear for VTU Eligibility Test for Research.  (As prescribed by University).


Dr.Prasad CSMV
Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering.

Research Scholars in Civil Engineering Research Center are as follows:

Sl. No. Student Name USN Part /Full Time Month/Year of Registration Supervisor Name Progress Status 
Rakesh R 
Full Time January 2017 Dr.  PuttarajuThesis submitted 
Nisarg Shankar1JB14PEM04Part Time March 2017 Dr.  Puttaraju Course work Completed 
Sachin B V1JB20PCV02 Part Time January 2022 Dr. R SridharRegistered
Chandan C S 1JB20PCV01 Part Time February 2022 Dr. R Sridhar Registered
5Jyothi T SNEWPart Time February 2023Dr. R SridharRegistered
6Siddaraju N NEWPart Time February 2023Dr. R SridharRegistered
7Vijaykumar K JNEWPart TimeFebruary 2023Dr. Lakshmi CRegistered
8Kiran M SNEWPart TimeFebruary 2023Dr. Rudraswamy M PRegistered