Department of Master of Computer Application (MCA)


“Our vision is to impart holistic system of education, to shape knowledge seekers into integrated individuals and responsible citizens, fostering academic competence and social consciousness.”


  • Our mission is to achieve academic excellence through quality education, fostering teamwork with ethical values and social involvement among students.
  • To bridge the gap between industry and academia, our mission is to offer experiential, technology-intensive knowledge.
  • We aim to deliver technical solutions in Computer Applications to address the needs of global communities, fostering a positive impact on society.
  • We aim to encourage an entrepreneurial environment, nurturing innovative ideas, and infusing students with the aptitude for entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.

MCA Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

  1. Acquire knowledge of modern techniques, tools, and practices, including their limitations, for the software development process.
  2. Demonstrate the application of mathematical and computer-based techniques to derive feasible solutions for problems within the computer applications domain.
  3. Design and derive solutions for complex computer-based problems, and evaluate systems, components, or processes with due consideration for societal and environmental impact.
  4. Develop a habit of self-learning for continuous career development, and professional skills to effectively conceive, design, and develop software applications, along with associated practices.

PEOs Statements

PEO 1: Graduates will demonstrate adaptability, excelling in diverse tech roles within the continuously evolving industry landscape.

PEO 2: Graduates will engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, applying computing solutions    creatively to address real-world challenges and industry demands.

PEO 3:  Graduates will integrate ethical principles, addressing societal needs through responsible computing solutions and community-focused initiatives.

Head of the department contact details: 

Dr. S. Nagamani

Professor and Head, Department of MCA

Mobile: +91-9844081602