Entrepreneurship Development Cell

SJBIT- ED Cell was established in 2012 in association with MSME, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The EDC would be a networking hub for people aspiring to be entrepreneurs and also play a role in team building as a part of its mentorship. Mentoring the people at an early stage by giving proper direction and necessary exposure would be crucial in converting technical ideas/projects into viable business plans. The cell undertakes several activities for student development wherein the student gets corporate exposure while studying and develops a spirit of entrepreneurship. The EDC will work under the supervision of the principal and would be the supreme authority of the cell. The principal shall guide the people who approach EDC for a technological based start-up about the feasibility and further direct the concerned person to the appropriate faculty member who can help in further development of the idea and make it into a venture. The EDC Coordinator carries the responsibility of running the cell. He/She is in charge of the daily running cell. The EDC Coordinators is the representative of the cell and shall propose implementable ideas in the best interest of the cell, and the people in general. The EDC coordinator is responsible for the efficient working of all the staff and student coordinators. Staff coordinators and student coordinators shall act as a student mentor panel, and shall mentor and guide the start-ups coming out. Entrepreneurship development cell has taken a greater responsibility to generate entrepreneurship skills among the students and to help them to channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur. Moreover, we also give exposure of industrial sector to curious young minds to get perfect idea of market needs and requirements. EDC Supports businesses and innovators as they develop, launch, and commercialize their ideas and motivate the students to bring out their latent spirit of Entrepreneurship. Besides the above, EDC strives to narrow the gap between industry expectations and student capabilities.


To become a globally recognized center of excellence for entrepreneurship development by creating a conducive environment to inspire youth to become successful entrepreneurs.


To manifest the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset amongst youth by developing an entrepreneurial culture through institutional mechanisms and processes and striving towards transforming ideas into successful startups.
  • To Create Awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through ED Cell activities.
  • To Facilitate budding entrepreneurs by providing information on entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To Assist entrepreneurs in product development, Market Survey, Preparation of Project Reports and assist them in getting Technical Feasibility Reports.
  • To help entrepreneurs to Acquire necessary managerial skills to run the industry effectively
  • Organize skills development programmes that increase capacity building to own and run a business.
  • Promote Science and Technical knowledge-based enterprises and generate employment opportunities in innovative areas.

Functions of Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell

  • Organize entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programmes, skill development programmes.
  • To educate the students on various loan schemes and Govt. MSME schemes for the Startup and help them in patent filing.
  • Plan for intellectual property ventures.
  • Coordinating with Women Empowerment cell for promoting Women Entrepreneurship.
  • To provide a platform for interaction with established entrepreneurs.
  • To identify interested students for training in EDC and to motivate and organize small group camps at the department level.
  • Organize Business Plan Competitions.
  • Arrange student-to-entrepreneurs “face-to-face” programmes.
  • Initiate innovative student projects for innovative product development.
  • Organize E-week celebrations.
  • Guide and assist potential entrepreneurs in the process of setting up, growing and managing the new venture.
  • To identify successful entrepreneurs from the college alumni in each department and collect the information needed.
  • Choose one in charge of each section in the department for coordinating activities of EDC.
  • Arrange guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs and provide a platform for interaction between professional entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs.
  • Mentor students who has business ideas by placing them under the supervision of entrepreneurs, under a mentorship scheme.
  • Organize faculty development programmes to sensitize the faculty members in the college regarding the importance of entrepreneurship in real life, corporate life and economic development of the country.
  • Publish a bi-annual entrepreneurship newsletter.

Structure of the Committee:
2NSS Program Officer & ConvenerSenior Faculty of Associate Professor level or above
3MembersFaculty from Various Departments
Frequency of the meetingOnce in a year & whenever required

Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell Committee Unit for the Academic Year 2022-23
#RoleName & DesignationPhone Number
1ChairmanDr. K. V. Mahendra Prashanth, Principal9008719999
2ConvenerDr. Gangadhar TG9535550222
3MemberDr. K Somashekar9972539192
4MemberDr. Sridhar R9964542929
5MemberMrs. Kusuma C8197585950
6MemberMrs. Manjula H S9740840180
7MemberMr. Prakyath D8553382621
8MemberMr. Shankar D R9844645040
9MemberDr. Srinivas C9964542929