Electoral Literacy Club 

An Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage College students through interesting activities and hands-on experience to sensitize them on their electoral rights and familiarize them with the electoral process of registration and voting. Electoral Literacy Clubs are especially being set up in colleges all across India targeting the new voters, (in the age group of 18-21 years old) pursuing their graduation. The club will have all the students from all semesters as its members.


In furtherance of this vision, the Electoral Literacy Club shall be established at our college with the following objectives: 

  • To educate the targeted populations about voter registration, electoral process and related matters through hands on experience. 
  • To familiarize the targeted populations with EVM and VVPAT and to educate them about robustness of EVM and integrity of the electoral process using EVMs. 
  • To help the target audience understand the value of their vote to ensure that they exercise their suffrage right in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner. 
  • To harness the potential of ELC members for carrying the electoral literacy in communities. 
  • To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered. 
  • To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed and ethical voting and follow the principle ‘Every Vote Counts’ and ‘No Voter to be 

Electoral Literacy Club Composition: 

Name of The Faculty Department Designation 
1Dr. K V Mahendra PrashanthAdministration Chairman 
2Mr. Renuka Prasad.M.N Humanities Nodal Officer
3Mr. Kiran K Gautama Havaldar Administration Coordinator 
4Mr. Shivakumar K SAdministration Member
5Dr. Neethu Patil Civil Member 
6Mr. Siddanna.S.R ISE Member 
7Mr. Pradeep.D.R Mathematics Member 
8Mrs. Smitha.N Mechanical Member 
9Mr. Vijayakumar.G MBA Member