Department of Physical Education and Sports

SJB Institute of Technology always encourages sports in a big way. The Department of Physical Education and Sports was started in the year 2001. The sports department has been actively headed by Mr. Ranganath GH, Director of Physical Education, since its inception in promoting physical activity and sports.

The department has been active since its inception in promoting physical activity and sports. It has always played a key role in organizing sports activities and tournaments. It has excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure for indoor sports and provides excellent facilities in terms of equipment. This has been reflected in SJBIT being ranked among the top ten institutions in VTU sports and cultural activities. It has won a Rs. 1.00 lakh cash award from VTU three times in 18 years: 2005–06, 2010–2011, and 2015–2016. (Eligibility occurs only once in five academic years for the top ten institutions affiliated with VTU) through its excellent performance in sports activities.

Department Vision

Develop Physical culture among youth for the betterment of our nation.

Department Mission

To offer robust and diverse opportunities that build character, sportsmanship and prepare our students to succeed in all facets of their lives.


  • To develop an understanding of the importance of sport in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle at the college and beyond.
  • To select, train, and delegate the teams for inter-collegiate, inter-university, national, and international competitions.
  • To develop the ability to observe, analyze, and judge the performance of oneself and their peers in sporting situations.
  • To develop an appreciation of the concepts of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship.