Equal Opportunity Cell

The main problem faced by persons with disabilities and those belonging to the marginalized sections of society stems from the disabling environment and socio–cultural and economic barriers. Discrimination against any person on the grounds of his/her disability or physical limitations and minority status is a gross violation of universally accepted principles of equality and human rights and even constitutional obligations. Their problems in the field of higher education are a matter of great concern which needs urgent attention.

The Indian Society is singular in terms of the multifarious hues it has absorbed in its fabric. Living within its clinch are numerous groups that are segregated on the basis of language, ethnicity, class, caste, religion etc. This inequitable situation warrants redemption, which is possible through Equal Opportunity measures and policies.

EOC works for affirmative action for the deprived sections such as persons from SC, ST, OBC (Non-creamy layer) categories, persons from religious & language minorities, differently-abled persons and Women.

The objectives of the Cell are:

To create an atmosphere of Equal Opportunity through awareness generation programmes.

To provide auxiliary support towards skill development and enhancing employability of students.

To tailor development and sensitization programmes to meet the distinct needs of the students.

To expedite legal redressal in matters of violation of equal opportunity.


1) Office & Infrastructure

2) Library & Documentation Centre

3) Newspaper, journals & magazines

4) Classrooms, Meetings & Training Venues


1. Focusing on overall personality and skill development so as to ensure enhancing their employability.

2. Inclusive growth for everyone by encompassing everyone into the mainstream of society.

3. Providing personal counselling and career guidance.

4. Awareness building and sensitization regarding discrimination on various grounds.

5. Co-ordinating and working with other committees of the college such as Women’s Development Cell, Remedial Coaching Cell, The Enabling Committee for persons with disabilities, Academic Staff College, HRD as well as student unions and committees for extracurricular activities; for augmenting their own infrastructure and resources for the benefit of persons from aforesaid categories.

The Chairperson and Members of the Equal Opportunity Cell are as follows:

#Name of the Committee member RoleContact No Email-id Designation with Department
01 Dr. Babu N.V Chairman 9448758276 eeehod@sjbit.edu.in Academic Dean, Professor, ECE
02 Dr. Banupraksh.G Convener 9742988988 gbanuprakash@sjbit.edu.in Assoc. Professor, CHEM 
03 Dr. Girija V Member 9591623009 girijav@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, MECH 
04 Mrs. Prakruthi M K Member 9980200818 prakruthimk@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, CSE 
05 Mrs. Vimala C S Member 7760960089 vimalacs@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, EEE 
06 Dr. Anitha PMember 9591056086 anithaperam@sjbit.edu.in Assoc. Professor, ECE 
07 Mr. Puneeth H C Member 9481906606 punithhc@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, CIV 
08 Mr. Vijay Kumar. G Member 9916687771 vijaykumarg@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, MBA 
09 Mrs. Yamuna UMember 9620272136 uyamuna@sjbit.edu.in Asst. Professor, ISE 

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