Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2001 to preparing the students for careers in all the fields of engineering aspects and also carry out basic and applied research work. The department is headed by Dr. Jayadev. The department has well  qualified and experienced faculty members as per the AICTE norms. Two of them are Doctorate and remaining faculties are perusing Ph.D. The Department  has four non-teaching staff.

The main activity of the department is to teach engineering chemistry theory and Laboratory courses to the under graduate engineering students of all disciplines. The Department is a recognized research centre by VTU. All faculty members are actively engaged in research work and many research scholars have registered for Ph.D. The Department  has two labs and well equipped with instruments and glass wares. The department is constantly organizing conferences/seminars and FDP programs.

Department Vision

To feed the budding engineering Students about new aspects of Chemical Science which make him to understand, exploit & innovate, thus contributing to the Technological advancement of tomorrow.

Department Mission

M1: To encourage the inquisitive in a Student and make him to understand the Fundamentals of Science & Technology.
M2: To inform the Student about understanding of an atom is very essential to understand the Universe.
M3: To inform the Student about the latest development in Science, so that he can exploit it for development of  Technology.
M4: To motivate the student to become an innovator or inventor of tomorrow.
Course outcomes:

Theory Course Outcomes: 18CHE12/22

CO1: Understand the use of free energy in equilibria using thermodynamic consideration, electrochemical energy systems.          

CO2: Understand and explain the Causes & effects of corrosion of metals and control of corrosion. Modification of surface properties of metals to develop resistance to corrosion, wear, tear, impact etc. by electroplating and electro less plating.

CO3: Apply the knowledge for Production & consumption of energy for industrialization of country and living standards of people. Utilization  of solar energy for different useful forms of energy.

CO4: Analyse the engineering chemistry problems related to Environmental pollution waste management and water chemistry.

CO5: Understand and explain different techniques of instrumental method of analysis, Fundamental principles of nanomaterial. 

Lab Course outcomes: 18CHEL16/26

CO1: Handling different types of instruments for analysis of materials using small quantities of materials involved for quick and accurate results.

CO2: Carrying out different types of titrations for estimation of concerned in materials using comparatively more quantities of materials involved for good results.

Head of the department contact details:

Dr. Jayadev
Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry
Mobile: +91-9739788858