VARCHASVA – Intercollegiate Techno Cultural Fest 

VARCHASVA is the intercollegiate techno-cultural fest of SJB Institute of Technology. This annual affair brings with it new surprises, new challenges, new winners and lots of fun along with it. It is a two day event that features a number of activities and events that challenge the potential of students from all over the city. Every year the students unite in a combined and synergized effort to organize this festival. Not only does, it allows the students to explore their creative and artistic sensibilities but it also provides a platform to exhibit their talents. 

True to its Sanskrit meaning of “PRESTIGE”, ‘VARCHASVA’ has been one of the best college festivals in Bangalore that has attracted students of 60 different engineering colleges to exhibit their talents, implement their technical skills and show their connection with culture. The biggest attraction of the fest was the Celebrity shows, DJ shows.

Nada Laya Sangama 

Music is an art form which triggers one’s soul in different ways. Nada Laya Sangama an exuberant musical concert organized with about more than 1000 audience. It’s one of the most unique and memorable event held where Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji himself perform classical music and mesmerize the audience. Music competition was held for several number of participants and the winners was awarded with prize. The program derived an invigorating and magnificent force within the crowd. The event has fruitfully yields a positive outcome with harmony inside everyone’s heart irrespective of religion, caste or colour also promoted our culture which indeed is our strongest tool. 


The BGS institutions organise BGS UTSAV at SJB Institute of Technology annually incorporating the cultural Endeavour of all schools and colleges coming under the BGS fold. 

BGS Utsav is an annual celebration of culture bringing together all the schools under BGS institutions providing a platform for the students to showcase their talents in cultural stream. 

The students of all the BGS institutions participate with a healthy competitive feel in various events like western dance, Retro Metro, Classical, contemporary and folk. 

The schools/colleges are marked on a point-scale and ultimately the institution which wins the maximum points, is declared the winner of the overall trophy. 

Ethnic Day  

In the era of modernization and westernization when most of the people are moving away from their own culture and history, events like Ethnic day enable the young generation to revive love and respect for their own culture and history. SJBIT celebrates ethnic day with vibrant and colorful cultural event every year.

Apart from these exuberant events, SJBIT also platforms Department fests, intercollegiate cultural competitions, Hostel Fests. We also encourage students to participate in other college and university fests and competitions.