Innovation Center

SJBIT established the Innovation Centre with the aim of fostering research activities and promoting a culture of innovation among faculty members, research scholars, and students. The well experienced 12 faculty members are specifically overseeing the activities for the development of the center.  

The Innovation Centre has successfully organized various research activities, which serve to raise awareness about the research process and funding agencies available to the institute’s faculty. Through these initiatives, the Innovation Centre actively encourages faculty members to undertake research project proposals that embody a multidisciplinary approach, possess commercial viability, involve the development of industry-ready devices, and encompass patentable and product-based ideas with a strong societal impact. 

The Innovation Centre at SJBIT has introduced an innovative program called “Think Innovation.” This program entails each department identifying the best research project within their respective fields, with the goal of transforming it into a commercially viable product that addresses societal concerns. The students are encouraged to join the SJBIT Technical & Innovation Club (STIC) to convert their novel ideas into reality.

Details of Activities under Innovation Center

Lecture on Research and Technology Development Activities on 17th April, 2024 by Dr. A R Phani, Founder, Managing Director of Nano RAM Technologies gave a exploratory ideas on various research topics in diversified fields. He also said there are plenty of Research funding agencies through which we can make our work more effective and obtain a better outcome in our research.

With the Divine Blessings of Poojya Swamiji’s, Through Relentless dedication and innovation, SJBIT surges towards its next level, milestone, adorning yet another Golden feather in its illustrious cap. Dr. K N Ganesh, Professor from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) joined as the Chairman of our R&D Advisory Board in SJBIT with delightful welcome from our Principal Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth and Dean R&D Dr. C V Yelamaggad.

Our Principal Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth driving ahead in the the research direction went for a visit to the Centre of Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Bengaluru on 2nd March, 2024 along with Dr. C V Yelamaggad Dean R&D. Principal made this visit to bring in new innovations and opportunities to all the SJBIT Research scholars and fraternity, also to explore and alleviate with good knowledge and exposure in Nanotechnology.

Events Gallery

Inauguration of SJBIT Technical and Innovation club (STIC) on 31-03-2023.

Message from our Principal Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth

SJB Institute of Technology has launched a STIC focusing on its “Innovation Club”. This is truly a great platform for students to collaborate and experiment with emerging technologies. It will ignite a sense of Research in the minds of young engineering students and it will be a platform for showcasing the activities of the students, whether it is Projects, Patents or Publications. It will also encourage the students to think “Out of the Box” and it will be a prism for the outside world to witness the Innovations of our students. I hereby wish the STIC focusing on the “Innovation Club” of SJB Institute of Technology the very best of luck for their activities.”

Invited Talk Motivational Entrepreneurs for Researchers on 23-06-2021

Lecture Series Health and Technology Aspects on 02-06-2021 to 04-06-2021

#DateEvent NameSpeaker / GuestParticipants
106/02/2021Research Methodology and Writing Proposal with Case StudyDr. Chandrabhas Narayan, Director, RGCB, Biotechnology,All Staff
206/02/2021Research Methodologies in Science and TechnologyProf. N Sundararajan (Retd.) Nayang Technological University, SingaporeAll Staff
305/02/2021Inaugural of Makers Space in SJBIT R&D Block (4th Floor)Dr. S G Sreekanteswara SwamyCoordinators
402-06-2021Three Days Online Lecture Series “Emotional and Mental Health problemsDr. C R Chandrashekhar, Former Professor of Psychiatry and Deputy Medical Superintendent, NIMHANSAll Staff
503/06/2021Opportunities and Challenges for Young EngineersProf. Sudhindhra Haldodderi, Former Scientist, DRDO, Consultant, L&T Technology ServicesAll Staff
604/06/2021Critical Review of Sample Research ProposalsDr. Debabrata Samanta, Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE, Christ (Deemed to be University).All Staff
723/06/2021Motivational Entrepreneurs For Researchers & Faculty MembersDr. Arun Mohan Isloor, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, NITK SurathkalAll Staff
830/06/2021Developing an Attitude of GratitudeDr. Muralidharan R Nair, Happiness Coach, Art of Living, BengaluruAll Staff


Research Methodology Writing Proposal on 06-02-2021