Master of Technology in Structural Engineering

Program Name: Master of Technology in Structural Engineering ( M. Tech in SE) 

Degree : Post Graduate 

Affiliation: Autonomous Institute under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) 

Duration: 2 years 

About Program: The course is especially helpful to those who want to get into the construction business and understand how to construct tall buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers and similar such modern structures. One also comes across topics like foundation technology, concrete technology, prefabricated structures, smart structures, steel structures, composite structures and corrosion engineering. 

Department : Department of Civil Engineering 

Eligibility criteria:  

The Conversion formula for conversion of CGPA into percentage is as below:

Percentage of Marks Secured, P= (CGPA earned-0.75×10)

Determinations of CGPA on Various Scale :


Scale of gradingMinimum CGPA required for Eligibility=50% marks
(GM & others
Minimum CGPA required for eligibility=45%
(SC ST/Cat-1)
10 point scale5.755.25

Other Universities

Scale of gradingMinimum CGPA required for Eligibility=50% marks (GM & others)Minimum CGPA required for eligibility=45%
(SC ST/Cat-1)
9 point scale5.1754.725
8 point scale4.64.2
7 point scale4.0253.675
6 point scale3.453.15
5 point scale2.8752.625
4 point scale2.32.1
3 point scale1.7251.575

Admission through: Karnataka PGCET, Management Quota 


Dr. Prasad CSMV
Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering
Email: prasadcsmv @