Research Initiatives

SJBIT has established a R & D centre at the institution level for fostering Innovation & Research among the students and faculty members. The Research Center involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National and International Journals and conferences. The research center helps in developing co-operative and complimentary research among various departments under SJBIT to explore advanced technologies. The Centre also guides and facilitates in writing of scientific research papers leading to publication and project proposals as well as in identifying the research outcomes of research for filing patents. Currently 104 scholars are pursuing their research across various engineering domains and from different colleges and 27 Ph. D’s have been awarded in SJBIT research center.

Faculty members who are very passionate about teaching and research are also involved in a number of research projects independently and in collaboration with industry and other renowned research organizations. All the departments have been recognized as VTU research centres. All the faculty members are actively involved in interdisciplinary research activities.  The faculty members in SJBIT have published more than 482 research papers in various national/international journals, and 160 publication in various national and international conferences and book chapters.

The Institution has provided with an excellent opportunity to redesign, create or introduce new innovations in the curriculum.  Many basic research projects have laid the foundation for strengthening knowledge that lead to applications over a period of time. Technology organizations have urged support for initiatives basic research, mainly because basic research, innovation, and development are closely linked.

  • Strengthened collaborative ventures between the Institution and outside partners.
  • Promotion of Research in emerging areas and with Societal Relevance.
  • Monitoring of research work progress and facilitate Research associates
  • Undertaken Research activities and develop projects offered by the agencies
  • Financial support for the Man power, Equipment’s & Services used in the Research activities
  • Encourage and motivation for quality & Innovative projects and paper publications.
  • Support for conduction of Technical Talks, FDP, Workshops connected to Research 
  • Motivation and guidance in developing of products, processes and technologies to improve the quality of human life
  • Support in building Infrastructure and encourage faculties for  consultancy work

Institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructural facilities

  • Established separate Laboratories for research activities in each Department (R&D Cell).
  • Computers with internet facilities are provided to research scholars and faculty members.
  • Accessibility of renowned Publications.
  • Required funds to upgrade and create infrastructural facilities required for research.
  • PG students are encouraged to undertake industry-based problems for their dissertation work under the guidance of expert faculty.
  • Encourages faculties for external funding proposals.
  • Holds institutional membership of various professionals.
  • Financial support to faculties for research connected activities and file Patents for their inventions.
Recognised Research Centres:
# Research Centre
1Electronics and Communication Engineering
2Computer Science and Engineering
3Information Science and Engineering
4Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5Mechanical Engineering
6Civil Engineering
10Master of Business Administration