Research Initiatives

  • Strengthened collaborative ventures between the Institution and outside partners.
  • Promotion of Research in emerging areas and with Societal Relevance.
  • Monitoring of research work progress and facilitate Research associates
  • Undertaken Research activities and develop projects offered by the agencies
  • Financial support for the Man power, Equipment’s & Services used in the Research activities
  • Encourage and motivation for quality & Innovative projects and paper publications.
  • Support for conduction of Technical Talks, FDP, Workshops connected to Research 
  • Motivation and guidance in developing of products, processes and technologies to improve the quality of human life
  • Support in building Infrastructure and encourage faculties  for  consultancy work

Institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructural facilities

  • Established separate Laboratories for research activities in each Department  (R&D Cell).
  • Computers with internet facility is provided to the research scholars and faculty members.
  • Accessibility of renowned Publications.
  • Required funds to upgrade and create infrastructural facilities required for research.
  • PG students are encouraged to undertake industry based problems for their dissertation work under the guidance of expert faculty.
  • Encourages faculties for external funding proposals.
  • Holds institutional membership of various professional.
  • Financial support to faculties to for research connected activities and file Patents for their inventions.
Recognised Research Centres:
# Research Centres
1Electronics and Communication Engineering
2Computer Science and Engineering
3Information Science and Engineering
4Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5Mechanical Engineering
6Civil Engineering
10Master of Business Administration