An internship is an extremely flexible program of benefit to the employing company as well as the intern. It is a structured academic opportunity that allows students to apply academic skills and knowledge in the workplace. Experiential education that is based on a set of learning objectives helps students to prepare to meet career responsibilities after graduation. The goals of the program are:  

  • To allow students to apply, evaluate, test and integrate academic knowledge and theoretical concepts in a work setting.  
  • To develop and expand students’ knowledge about themselves and their abilities, goals, and career interests in a work setting.  
  • To expand students’ awareness of the world beyond the campus by exposure to a variety of careers, disciplines, organizational cultures, and environments.  
  • To allow students to gain access to knowledge and equipment not available on a college campus.  
  • To encourage students to take a greater responsibility for their education and life, and develop self-reliance, personal style, values, and beliefs in a manner consistent with becoming a responsible and productive individual.  
  • To provide students with experience in the disciplined and discriminatory use of evidence in making decisions and solving problems in a work setting.

Carefully curated process to conduct the Internship: 

Internships are offered by the companies that signed MoU with SJBIT (Students also take up Internships in Public sector companies.) 

#Company NameDomainContact Person
Data Lore Labs   ML, AI Dr. Srikantiah K C, CSE 
Zero Zilla Pvt. Ltd   Web, Mobile, ML Dr. Ajay Prakash B V, CSE 
MODO EduLabs   Robotics and AI Dr Bindiya M K, CSE 
Ethnotech Academic Solutions   Web, Mobile, ML, Cyber security Dr. Bindiya M K, CSE 
Embedded Systems and IoT Python, Java, Machine Learning Mrs. Shubha T V, CSE 
Live Wire    Data Science Dr. Murali G, ISE 
Vishwajyothi Technologies    Data Science and AI Dr. Mohan H S, ISE 
DHS Informatics Pvt. Ltd   Android App Development Dr. Murali G, ISE 
Rectopage   Application Development, Machine Learning  Mrs. Poornima M, ISE 
10 Rexroth Bosch Group   PLC and Sensoric Mr. Bhaskar B, ECE 
11 NI Systems (India) Private Ltd.   Embedded System Design Automation and IoT Dr. Ravikumar A V, ECE 
12 Knowx Innovation Pvt Ltd   Embedded System Design Automation and IoT Dr. Chandrappa D N, ECE 
13 Tequed Lab   AI and ML, Big Data Dr. Mahantesh K, ECE 
14 Loginware Pvt. Ltd    Automation and IoT Dr Mahantesh K, ECE 
15 Dr. Mahantesh K, ECE Wireless communications Dr. Mahendra Prashanth K V, ECE 
16 Dlithe   Embedded Systems IoT   Dr. Supreeth H S G, ECE 
17 Elekpro Electrical Engineers (P) Ltd   High voltage relays   Testing,  Dr. Sandeep S R, EEE 
18 Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy & Development (MGIRED) Rural Energy and sustainable rural development Dr. J P Sridhar, EEE 
19 VV Technologies   Power Electronics  Dr. M J Chandrashekar, EEE 
20 Viswajothi Technologies pvt. Ltd.  Training World 360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd   Mrs. Tharakeshwari V K, EEE 
21 VV Systems and Power Panels PVT. LTD     PLC and Software development Dr. Mamatha Mahesh Gowda, EEE 
22 BOSCH REXROTH -SJBIT   Hydraulics and Pneumatics Nanotechnology and material characterization 
23 PM Tools and Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd                                            Manufacturing Dr. H K Srinivas, MECH 
24 Central Manufacturing Technological Institute   Manufacturer of tipper trucks, truckload bodies box & truck containers Mr. Ganagadhar T G, MECH 
25 Quest Auto Engineering   Prakruthi – Institute of Environmental Studies    Mr. Manjunath Naik, MECH  
26 Prayojana Construction Management and Training Institute Construction Management Mr. H. Narendra Kumar, CIVIL 
27 G 2 G Consultancy, Bangalore. Construction and Project Management  Dr. Lakshmi C, CIVIL 
28 Prakruthi – Institute of Environmental studies    Environmental Planning and Management Dr. R Sridhar, CIVIL 
29 Enstructura Consultants Pvt.Ltd   Construction and Project Management Dr. Lakshmi C, CIVIL