Anti-Ragging Cell

SJBIT has zero tolerance policy for ragging. The Institute views ragging as an uncivilized, and inhuman practice. We do not subscribe to the view that one could wait till something happens in order to initiate stringent action. Any rigorous action in such cases may damage a young career. So, we repose faith in averting such eventualities. For this, the Institute has a proactive policy. 

Preventive measures had been devised during the last couple of years to eliminate all possibilities of the occurrence of such a ghastly incident even in its mildest form. The measures have been implemented effectively to rule out any incident of ragging to be attempted by senior students at any place inside the campus. For making ragging non-grata at SJBIT, all stakeholders viz. management, faculty, students and employees are involved to create an environment.

  • “Ragging in all its forms is totally banned in this institution including in its departments, constituent units, all its premises (academic, residential, sports, canteen/cafeteria and the like) whether located within the campus or outside and in all means of transportation of students whether public or private.” 
  • Students and parents need not harbor undue apprehensions in this regard.  They should report any incident immediately to the college authorities and stringent punishment will be meted out to the culprit(s). 
  • “IF any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his / her explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would subject him / her to suitable punishment.” 

To be vigilant on all the activities of the students in regard to ragging, we have formed ragging prevention committee headed by the Principal, Head of the Departments, representative from local police station, representative from civil administration, warden and senior faculty of the Institution, anti-ragging squad comprising of boys’ and girls’ hostel, all department blocks, library, student mentoring cell and student advisor group. The first-year students and parents can freely contact and seek help from anybody at any time with respect to ragging.   

Hoardings displayed at different places in the campus speaks itself about the Institution concern towards curbing the menace of ragging. 

As per the direction of the honorable Supreme Court of India, the institute will strictly follow the “AICTE Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions “. 

In accordance with these regulations the affidavits from the students as well as parents / guardian are taken in online. These affidavits duly filled in, signed and sworn by student and parent/guardian are to be submitted at the time of registration. Regular coordinator meetings will be convened to discuss the issues if any.

  • To make the institution ragging free campus
  • Encouraging the students to express their grievance/problem freely and frankly without any fear. 
  • To ensure effective solution to the student’s grievances with an impartial and fair approach 
  • Creating a healthy environment among students, teachers and management.

Plan of Action 

  Formation of  

  • Anti-Ragging committee  
  • Anti-Ragging squad team 
  • Anti-Ragging Student Group advisory committee 
  • Anti-Ragging student mentoring cell 
  • Preparation of Anti-Ragging booklet for the academic year  

Execution Methodology 

  • Awareness is created by displaying Anti-Ragging boards in each block of the department, hostels, and at appropriate conspicuous places. 
  • Distribution of Anti-Ragging booklet to students and staff 
  • Orientation by the Principal  
  • Orientation by Basic Science HOD’s /Anti-Ragging co-ordinator  
  • Filling of online Anti-Ragging affidavits 
  • Continuous monitoring is done to curb any ragging incidents effectively 
  • Anti-Ragging co-ordinators meeting 
  • Reports are collected weekly basis, inspected and maintained 

 Routine execution of 

  • Student advisory reports 
  • Block visit reports 
  • Hostel visit reports  
  • Campus watch report 
Ragging Prevention Committee (RPC) – 2022-23
#RepresentationName of the MemberDesignationDesignationEmail ID
1Head of the InstitutionDr. K V Mahendra PrashanthPrincipal, SJBIT /
2Representative of Police DepartmentMr. Vasanth CSHO, Kengeri Police Station / Member080-22942510
3Representative of Civil AdministrationSri Tushar Giri NathChief Commissioner, BBMP / Member080-22237455
4Representative of Local MediaMr. V. N. GOWDASub Editor Adichunchanagiri Patrike / Member9448522828
5NGO involved in Youth ActivityMr. VinayYouth for Seva (NGO) /
6Representative of Faculty MemberDr. H R VitalaHOD Mechanical /
7Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Krishna A NProfessor & HOD, CSE/
8Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Chandrappa. D.NHOD ECE /
9Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Shashidhara H RHOD ISE /
10Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Babu N VAcademic Dean/
11Representative of Faculty MemberDr. CSMV PrasadHOD Civil /
12Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Mamatha JHOD MBA /
13Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Rekha BHOD CSE(DS)/
14Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Gopalakrishna M THOD AI & ML/
15Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Padmaja Venugopal.VHOD Mathematics /
16Representative of Faculty MemberDr. Doreswamy B HHOD Physics /
17Representative of Faculty MemberDr. JayadevHOD Chemistry /
18Representative of Faculty MemberMr. Ranganath. HDirector of Physical
19Representative of Faculty MemberMr. Vinay.
20Representative of Parents (Senior Students)Mr. Shripad MajaliF/O Pooja Majali 4th Year (CSE)
21Representative of Parents (Senior Students)Mr. G GunamdhamaF/O Jayanth G 4th Year (ECE)
22Representative of Parents (Senior Students)Mr. Hemanth KumarF/O Lalith Kumar H 4th Year (CSE)
23Representative of Parents (Senior Students)Mr. Shantharaju CF/O Shreya C S 4th Year(ISE)
24Representative of Students (Second Year)Mrs. Uma ManiStudent( CSE )8548951301
25Representative of Students (Second Year)Ms. Hema SStudent (EEE)
26Representative of Students (Third Year)Mr. Anirudh S KStudent (ECE)
27Representative of Students (Third Year)Ms. Sahana G SStudent (CSE)
28Representative of Students (Fourth Year)Ms. Shreya C SStudent (ISE)
29Representative of Students (Fourth Year)Mr. Sunil SStudent (MECH)
30Non-Teaching StaffRAGHU M.TForemen (ECE)
31Non-Teaching StaffSrinivas CInstructor (Mechanical Engineering)
32AdministrationMr. Shivakumar.
33AdministrationMr. Kiran K Gautama