Industry Interaction Initiatives

The Civil Engineering Department of SJBIT integrates academia and skill set which enables the students to be industry ready. This acts as a propelling force for efficient utilization by Industry. The Department has been connected to various industries in civil Engineering field.The profound ethical concern of the Department is to develop industry build infrastructure facility in the campus related to basic materials testing, Geodic, remote sensing and GIS. Highway, Geotechnical and Geology, Structural. Software application lab, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering.

Sl No Name of the Company Domain of the company Activities
1 Enstructura Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Structural design, Restoration and NDT facility Company Consultancy work including testing of building materials and surveying, Internship Provided for PG Students
2 Prakruthi Institute of Environmental Science Consultancy in Environmental Engineering Guest Lectures, Project Guidance to UG Students
3 Water Institute, Dept. of Civil Engg. UVCE Research, Project and Consultancy Student Funded Project & guidance for UG students
4 M/s. Construction Management Training Institute Training Institute for Civil Engineers in construction Managemen Technical talk, Placement , Formation of IGBC Student Chapter, Field Visits.
5 Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL) Consultancy and Testing of Building Materials Consultancy work