Research Initiatives

Research Funds

Sl. No. Title of the Project Principal Investigator Year of Proposal/ Sanction Funding agency Proposed Sanctioned Proposed / Sanctioned amount
1 Removal of Toxic Metal From the Industrial Waste Water by Using Activated agricultural Waste. Dr. Prasad CSMV 2019-20 KSCST 4000
2 Utilization of recycled aggregate in pavement quality concrete with self-healing property Mr.Puneeth H C 2018-19 VTU 5000
3 Eco Friendly concrete for sustainability : Utilizing Incinerated ash and Iron Slag as Partial replacement materials. Mr. Ramesh B M 2018-19 VTU 5000
4 Utilization of C and D Wastes in Rigid Pavement with Carbon Absorbing Peoperty Mr.Sachin B V
Mr. Naveenkumar
2018-19 KSCST 4500
5 Hydrogeological Studies and Remote Sensing Techniques in Mapping Groundwater potential Zones Dr. Manjunath H N 2018-19 KSCST 4000
6 An experimental study on Partial Replacement Of Eggshell Powder And Coconut Coir in Concrete Mrs. Arpitha Gowda S L 2017-18 VTU 5000
7 Characteristic Strength of Self Curing Concrete using steel Fibers. Mr. Nisarg Shankar 2017-18 VTU 5000
8 Studies on Decentralized Treatment for Vrushabhavathi Valley Waste Water Dr. Prasad CSMV 2017-18 VGST 3000000
9 Geo-Morhic& Geo-Chemical Studies in Assessment & Management of Water Resource using Remote sensing & GIS Mr. H Narendra Kumar 2017-18 KSCST 4500
10 Integrated studies of Hydrological Investigation and Remote Sensing Techniques in Groundwater Assessment Mr. H Narendra Kumar 2017-18 KSCST 4500
11 Utilization of Recycled fine aggregates (C&D waste) in rigid Pavements with waste polypropylene Fibers Mr. Puneeth H C 2017-18 KSCST 5000
12 Production and utilization of bio energy from flower waste by anaerobic decomposition process Dr. Lakshmi C 2014-15 KSCST 4000
13 Use of Nano materials for sustainable concrete construction Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram 2014-15 KSCST 7000
14 Performance evaluation of waste tyre and tube rubber as a partial replacement for Fine and Coarse aggregate in cement concrete Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram 2014-15 KSCST 5500
15 Recycled Plastics Used as coarse aggregate for constructional concrete Mr. Ramesh R L 2014-15 KSCST 4500
16 Solid waste management at SJBIT Dr. Lakshmi C 2013-14 SJBIT R&D center 25000