Industry Interaction Initiatives

The aim of bridging the gap between industry and academic institutions is to prepare engineering students for jobs in multinational companies by exposing them to new technologies and engineering methodologies. This approach will have a significant impact on the engineering curriculum, giving students exposure to the industrial environment and increasing their chances of being placed in industries upon graduation. The Department of Information Science and Engineering has established Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with various IT companies such as Ethnotech Academy Solutions, Creative Infotech, Cluster Info Solutions, ViswaJothi Technologies and CodeChef. As part of these MOUs, the department also offers industry internships for students to gain practical experience in their field.

Department has undergone MOU with various IT companies, through which corporate training on various laboratories are conducted to meet industry expectations. As a part of MOU we are also offering industry internships for the students to provide an industry exposure. Various companies involved in MOU are as follows:

  1. Tech Fortune Technologies in the area of AI and Machine learning, Web Angular JS 
  1. DHS Informatics Pvt. Ltd in the area of Networking and Security. 
  1. iPEC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Under Software development, design thinking and technology transfer. 
  1. Turiya Avastha Pvt. Ltd. in 3D Visualization and Graphics. 
  1. Aqmenz Automation Pvt Ltd., provide solutions for Automation, Emdeded systems, Robotics, AI and Machine learning problems. 
  1. Programink Pvt. Ltd. guarantees placement with pre-placement training to emerge as a Full Stack Python developer.