Activity/ Events

Industry visit was planned to IMTEX-2023, Under the Industry visit for the academic year 2022-23 HoD gave directions to the coordinator to organize an Industry visit in the department. We planned a visit to International Exhibition IMTEX-2023 on January 25th, 2023 for 3rd semester students that provides a practical exposure towards Industry 4.0 and Technology standards. With the blessings of Poojya Swamiji we got an immediate approval and support from our Principal for organizing the visit. In prior to the Industry visit, all the students were informed to register using the link provided in IMTEX website as a Visitor and as a Student. On 25th January, 2023 total of 95 students participated in the activity coordinated by two faculties Dr. Abhilash C N and Mrs. Supriya B N. During the visit to IMTEX 2023 all the students were well disciplined and got practical exposure to the robotic machines and prototypes displayed. The exhibitors also explained each and every application and softwares used for designing their customized models as per the requirements.

Industrial visit was planned on 19th November 2019 to TCS Electronic City, Bengaluru for 5th semester students. Students were taken to various departments of software workspace, and knowledge transfer on company and about each stage of software development were done. . The batch of students consisting of 56 were accompanied by our faculty members Prof Manu M.N, Santhrupth B.C and Jeevraj R.

Alumini Interaction was arranged by Dr.Rekha.B on 21-11-19 by our Alumini Ms.Rekhapreethi  regarding Animal rights and Rescue and Personality development to 3rd semester students

Guest Lecture on “Smart City” has been delivered from Mr.Praveen Govindaiaha, from Lifeary Technologies on 29th September 2019 for 5th A &B Section students.

Guest Lecture on “Art of Analytics and Visual Display of Quantitative Information” has been delivered by Dr.Gowri  to  3rdsem and 7thsem students on  29th September 2019 in their respective class rooms

Guest Lecture on “Smart City” has been delivered from Mr.Pratusyh Raj, from Cresant Technologies on 27th September 2019 for 5th A &B Section students.

Guest lecture was organized on 5th September 2019 for 3rd semester students on “Graphical User Iterface and Development and Design” by Prinston Smart Engineers

Guest lecture was organized on 21st  August  2019  by Dr.Mohan H.S, Head of the Department, on Significance of Computers in Engineering Field

Department of ISE Visited  to IISC ,Bengaluru as a part of Industrial Visit Programme on 23-03-2019 to 6th  semester and 8th semester students. Students were accompanied by our faculty members Prof Manu M.N and Chetan R

Department of ISE had organized A Six – Days Faculty Development Programme on“Machine Learning & Deep Learning” on 15th to 20th  July 2019. Participants from various colleges made the event a grand success

Department of ISE had organized 10th National Conference on Advances in Information Technology NCAIT – 19 was held on  4th May, 2019. We had around 50 presentations which were well informative and had future scope.