Creative InfoTech

The creative Info tech Apple authorized training providers, digital professional development, customized cloud solution providers. Creative InfoTech jointly with SJBIT are providing app development training for students in the various projects and faculties were given Digital Professional Development training.

Our students are exposed to ever evolving and demanding platform of  iOSAPP.  Students making use of training are enthusiastically implementing their projects on APP development, content development and working on MAC/IoS platforms. Creative Infotech conducts courses for aspiring developers to learn the techniques. The courses are delivered by vastly experienced developers drawn from the industry. They have experience of both developing and training. The course is designed to offer industry relevant iOS application development program for the learners. The curriculum consists of hands on experience to the students on Mac Books using Apple’s SDK kit.

During training, each student is provided access to Mac Book, iOS development tools including Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, swift language and different iOS SDK libraries and frameworks.  At the end of the course, each participant is given a project to create an iOS App, which with the guidance of the trainer has to complete within a stipulated time frame.