Web Programming- Ethnotech Workforce Development Program

Ethnotech workforce development program was organised for 3rd semester EEE students on the topic ‘Web Programming’ for one week from 06/11/2023 to 11/11/2023. The Course has started with topics from basics to advance like HTML, which is the standard markup language till the creation of web pages. Students learnt about how HTML describes the structure of a Web page and the elements which is defined by a start tag, some content, and an end tag. They were taught on HTML elements which tell the browser how to display the content such as “this is a heading”, “this is a paragraph”, “this is a link”, etc. Next, they learnt CSS, to set the layout of web page created with beautiful colours, fonts, and much more. After studying HTML and CSS, students learnt JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web pages for users and to make web page interactive. In java script they studied to Change HTML Attribute Values, to Hide HTML Elements and to Show HTML Elements. Even trainers touched upon Bootstrap which is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites and even focussed on Bootstrap Containers, the container class which is one of the most important Bootstrap classes.