Research Initiatives

Department have thrived continuously to aid in creative and innovations in terms of projects and research. Many innovative projects are proposed and materialized in the department under the supervision of steadfast faculties.

State of art research laboratory and Project Incubation Centre is established in the department which encrusts the research prop up modules for power systems, power electronics, power generation, transmission and distribution and embedded systems.

Research Funds

Sl. No. Title of the Project Principal Investigator Year of Proposal/ Sanction Funding agency Proposed Sanctioned Proposed / Sanctioned amount
1 Design of a system to detect hazardous gases in vehicle and alerting a user Mrs. Prarthana J V 2019 VTU 5000
2 Hybrid Power System with the design of efficient wind turbine and solar tracking Mr. Dwarakanath S K 2019 VTU 5000
3 Greenhouse control using micro controller Dr. Babu N V 2018 VTU 5000
4 Power generation in heavy locomotives Mrs. Deepthi H L 2018 VTU 5000
5 A Solution to Remote Detection of Illegal Electricity Usage Wia Power Line Communication Mr. M J Chandrashekar 2013 KSCST 5000
6 Brain computer interface and computational neuroscience lab Dr. Babu N V 2010-21 VGST 15 Lakhs