University of Agricultural Sciences

The University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, is a premier institution of agricultural education and research in the country.  The objective of teaching is to make agricultural education responsive to the growing and changing needs of the society in general and aspirations of the farming community in particular. In addition, to establish a dynamic system of agricultural education to train highly skilled and competent manpower to address the challenging tasks with new emerging areas of research, extension and industry.


  • To develop suitable end-use technologies to solve farmers’ problems by adopting  technology development in the long run.
  • To establish state-of-art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, extensive farmlands and an operational research management system that will ensure quick, efficient and cost-effective implementation of research Programmes.
  • To attract qualified and talented personnel to undertake research in the University.


  • Internship program on PLC, sensorics and drives and controls.
  • Funded projects from the University

Roles and Responsibility

  • Bridging the gap between technology and agriculture in terms of adopting technology in production.
  • Providing research problems in techno agriculture field.