Research Initiatives

The Department of ECE is a recognized Research centre under VTU since 2008-09 with the provision for Ph.D. (Full Time / Part Time) and 09 recognized research supervisors’ expertise in various domains like Active control, VLSI, Biomedical Engg, Communication, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Cryptography, Embedded Systems, Digital Circuits & Systems, FPGA Design for big data analytics.

Currently 28 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D programme and 13 awarded with Ph.D’s from the research center till date.

Department of Electronics and Communication organized Project Exhibition on 15th May 2019 to encourage the students to develop research qualities in Technical field.

To initiate the research qualities in faculties and students Department of ECE has created a platform by providing the facility to use PLC, Sensorics, and Intel Intelligence Labs.

Sl. No. Name Title of the Project Funding Agency Month/Year Amount Sanction
1 Dr. Mahantesh K Intelligent Device Control Using Brain Machine Interface KSCST April 2022 7,000
2 Mr. Darshan B D Develop an efficient Integrated Battery Management System KSCST April 2022 7,000
3 Mrs. Uma S Spyder Robot for Scouting & Defense Purpose KSCST April 2022 8,000
4 Dr. Somashekar K Development of High-Performance Glaucoma Screening Technique for Blindness Prevention using Deep Learning Algorithms VTU March 2022 10,00,000
5 Dr. K V MahendraPrashanth Up-gradation of Existing Industry 3.0 Infrastructure to 4.0 to facilitate for Impending Technology VGST August 2021 20,00,000
6 Dr. Mahantesh K Brain Computer Interface and Computational Neuro-Science Lab VGST August 2021 15,00,000
7 Dr. Chandrappa D N Nexus (SJBIT Alumni Application) KSCST March 2021 4,500
8 Dr. Mahantesh K Design and Development of BCI Model to assist Aged or Physically Challenged People KSCST March 2021 7,000
9 Dr. Mahantesh K Human Activity Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques VTU Jan 2021 5,000
10 Mrs. Divyashree Y V Multi – Purpose autonomous car copter VTU Jan 2021 5,000
11 Dr.D N Chandrappa NSTEDB Activities/ Programs DST – NIMAT August 2019 10,70,000
12 Dr. K V MahendraPrashanth IoT based Intelligent Public Transport System for smart Cities using Image processing Techniques KSCST March 2019 6,000
13 Dr. Rekha K R Setting up of WTBI Centre KCTU September 2018 74,00,000
14 Mr. Bhaskar B Automated studentsattendance Managementsystem for students VTU July 2019 5,000
15 Mr. Supreeth H S G Moving object detection in videos using convolutional neural networks VTU July 2019 5,000
16 Dr. K R Nataraj Human Following Robot VTU July 2018 5,000
17 Dr. D N Chandrappa Implementation of Automatic face and License plate recognition for safety measures VTU July 2018 5,000
18 Dr. Mallikarjuna Swamy Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp MSME Govt. of India New Delhi November 2017 40,000
19 Dr. Rekha K R Center of Excellence in Design Development and Evaluation of Hybrid – ICE – Electric Four Wheeler Vehicle With Solar Energy Charging Scheme. VGST November 2016 30,00,000
20 Dr.Chandrappa D N An Approach Towards Development and Analysis of Aerial – Guided Navigation of a Ground Robot VGST February 2016 40,000
21 Dr. Mahantesh K An Automated Human Activity Recognition in Video Surveillance System KSCST November 2016 6,500
22 Dr. K V Mahendra Prashanth Extraction and Analysis of EEG Signals For The ADHD Syndrome – A Novel Approach KSCST October 2016 5,000
23 Dr. K R Nataraj Establishment of Texas Innovations Instrument Lab Texas Instruments March 2015 3,60,000
24 Dr. K R Nataraj Establishing the facility for VLSI and Embedded System Lab ( Centre for Simulation Studies) VGST March 2013 20,00,000
25 Dr. K R Nataraj Investigation of Hybridization of Motive Energy for Two Wheelers Using Solar Energy VTU March 2012 6,00,000
26 Dr .Chandrappa D N Monitoring diagnostic message of a CAN metwork KSCST November 2009 3,000
27 Dr .Chandrappa D N RF and smart card based parking system. KSCST November 2009 4,000