University of Agricultural Sciences

The University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, is a premier institution of agricultural education and research in the country.  The objective of teaching is to make agricultural education responsive to the growing and changing needs of the society in general and aspirations of the farming community in particular. In addition, to establish a dynamic system of agricultural education to train highly skilled and competent manpower to address the challenging tasks with new emerging areas of research, extension and industry.


1. Faculties of ECE Dept. along with UAS have joined their hands together in Collaborative proposal writing forfunded projects which is funded either by Government or private sectors.

2. Workshops/Seminars/Conferences and training programs which benefits both.

3. Internship program on PLC, Sensorics and drives and control for students from University of Agriculture Sciences College.

4. Funded Projects Undertaken under Joint Collaboration of Dept. of ECE & UAS, GKVK.

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