Training Accomplishment

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT is a subsystem of SJBIT and core function of human resource management. It ensures continuous skill development of students studying in SJBIT and habituate process of learning for developing knowledge to work. Training and Development is the foundation for obtaining quality output when our students become employees.

Training programs play a crucial role in enhancing student’s capabilities, upgrading existing knowledge and help to acquire new skills and learning’s. Effective training programs help student’s to cope up with the changes, think out of the box, survive the cut throat competition with a smile and contribute effectively to the growth of the organization.

Training programs designed in SJBIT comprises – keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the Industries. Training modules ought to be precise, crisp and informative.


Department of HRD customized exhaustive training and skilling programs to enable our students to acquire the industry-relevant skills and stay updated with new technologies along with the academic curriculum.


Department of HRD in compliance with AICTE directions, an internships with industries, a custom built program to provide students with practical experiences. Execution of live projects provided from the industry, aided by on-campus training and online insights from industry experts.


Extensive learning curriculum spanning across 6 semester, equipping the students with top in demand skills, project statements, example solutions, micro-credentials and certifications.

Department of HRD in collaborations with Ethnotech Academic Solutions runs a blended mode of training with the help of self-learning materials, live interaction sessions and project boot campus.  Equips students with desired skills in domain, technology, personality, Soft skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


Department of HRD in collaborations with Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Bosch Rexroth, Intel, Texas Instruments, NI Lab view, Bio Axis, Autodesk and Ethnotech Academic Solutions runs compact, self-contained certification programs in cutting edge technology domains, co-created or endorsed by our industry partners, geared to create talent in specific high-demand areas of employment. Programs comprises of various learning resources, directly from the industry.


Department of HRD conducts close to 10-online assessment in terms of – Analytical ability, Logical ability, Verbal ability, Technical MCQ’s, Programming skills (C, C++, Java, Python,…..) regularly during the academics from February to May of the respective year.

And from the above assessments a score card is generated to understand individual student’s performance and map this score with the industry expectations.


Certification programs for students during second and third year of their academic course. Enables students to get head-start against their peers in specific high –demand technology and management studies.