Alumni Testimonials

SJBIT is the Finest College regarding all the aspects including education, Sports, Cultural and also Campus selection. I am very happy to study at this college. Thank you so much for making my career brighter.

Bharath CS (1JB16ME401)

HRD helped every student in my batch to get a fair idea about the interview rounds. Coming from non-CS background (ECE), it was essential for us to get exposure to the interview process in IT field which was done by HRD. 

Aishwarya (1JB17EC048)

I feel HR Department is best in campus selection and feel proud of my college and very happy to say I am SJBIT Student.

Prajwal S (1JB18CS098)

HRD provided me with very good placement opportunities. So that I can get placed. It helped me a lot in improving my soft skills, Programming skills which is the basic requirement to work in the IT Industry.

Kishore B (1JB18EE009)

HRD helped us in various ways, from teaching us how to be dressed properly & how to perform good in any of the interviews.

Rishabh Raj (1JB17IS073)