The campus placement policy is defined so that recruitment process carried in SJBIT -DHRD is transparent, fair, and beneficial for all the stakeholders especially students and companies. It intends to create an atmosphere in which recruiters and students can interact freely and effectively, resulting in fruitful recruitment process.

This placement policy is applicable to all the students & recruiters who are willing to participate in the placement recruitment drives organized at department of HRD.  Department of HRD facilitates and coordinates the placement related activities physical or virtual. DHRD extends the platform for the students to get trained & groomed for selection process and also organizes the recruitment drives but does not guarantee the job. It is the sole responsibility of the students to enroll, prepare, participate, perform & get placed

General Registration @ HRD

To participate in the placement process, all the students must register for the same in the  department of HRD providing all the details pertaining to previous & current year academic performance, acquired skill sets, personal information, communication address, email-id, contact details  etc,. Details so provided should be flawless and shall be updated timely. However it is advised to retain the same emailed & contact number to be in touch with the college as long as possible.  Any information regarding placements & training opportunities, will be disseminated to these registered students. Registration is done both digitally & manually

Once registered, students should adhere to Rules, Regulations and Policies of the SJBIT-DHRD strictly. Also students should attend all the activities insisted by HRD without fail.

Enrollment for Placement

Companies interested in recruitment drives approach the college / DHRD and provide the details of Job description.  Same will be circulated among the registered students. Students who are interested in participation in the placement process, shall go through the company’s website and JD details thoroughly and asses the suitability depending on type, credentials& location of the company, along with  job role suitability, pay package, perks, work options, working shifts, working hours, skill requirements, eligibility etc. and then enroll themselves through the prescribed  format. Once enrolled, he/she has to appear for the selection process without fail.


Eligibility criteria varies from company to company.  However generalized eligibility criteria is as below

  • Should have completed all academic requirements for the degree program they are enrolled in
  • Should have attained at least the minimum academic criteria ( pass percentage / CGPA) as specified
  • Should not have any backlogs
  • Should have specific skill sets
  • Should have good communication skill

Also there could be other desirable requirements

Generally all the companies specify the eligibility criteria under Job Description (JD) title, during recruitment process. All the students who meet the criteria as provided in JD  by the respective companies are eligible to participate in the selection process.

Placement Category

Sl. No.Category of Placement
IIT Service Oriented
IIIT Product Oriented
IIICore Engineering Companies  (Applicable to à MECH, CIVIL, EEE, ECE)
IVNon IT (Marketing, Banking, Technical Support, Business Development.., etc) Applicable to all branches of engineering
VMBA :  Non Specialisation area Jobs & MBA Specialisation area Jobs


Employers visiting the campus will be categorized into the following packages based on their offer

  • Band -1 : Lower Package:    3 – 6 + LPA – Mass Offer
  • Band -2 : Medium Package: 7 – 9+ LPA
  • Band -3 : Higher Package:   10 – 13+ LPA
  • Band -4: Super Package :  15 LPA & Above – Dream Offer

Note: There should be at least 2 Lpa difference to be eligible for next band

    Each student will be extended with an opportunity to be selected for;

  • One Lower / Mass Package Offer   
  • One Medium Package Offer
  • One Higher Package Offer
  • Dream Package offer –  no limit

According to above once the student get selected for a company, then he / she will not be allowed to appear for the selection process of other company of same package range

Also, if one gets selected to higher package then, their opportunity to appear for lower packages selection process gets ceased automatically. However one opportunity will be extended for core company along with IT Companies of any package range.

Enrolling for the placement process, preparation for the respective job role, performing in the selection process; confirmation about the company profile, credibility, rules & regulations, job prospectus, pay packages, perks & allowances, Internship availability, date of on-boarding, bond period, post selection training period, location, legal obligations, suitability of the company etc is the sole responsibility of the students. Students must keep their parents informed and should have obtained permission for joining the company.

Department of HRD does not guarantee a job nor assures 100% placement to any student.

If applying for a placement agency or through a placement agency; it is entirely the sole responsibility/decision of the student & for that they should have taken the parent consent.

Any agreement / bond / any type of commitment with companies or agencies  is again the sole responsibility of the students and SJBIT-DHRD does not stand guarantee for these type of agreement made by and between students and the company / agency. The Training and Placement team assures to do the best as far as providing placement service but does not promise/ guarantee to stand for any bilateral agreements.