Research Initiatives

The Department is Recognized as R&D center VTU in the year 2008-09 for the purpose of full pledged involvement in research activity, Ph.D  & MS.C(Research) Programme. The research center has a separate lab with well equipped systems having latest hardware and software configurations   to carry out research in the various  fields.  . Presently, our center has 16 research scholars  and 6 research supervisors in  various fields such as Image Processing, BigData, Cloud Computing , Networking etc.

Research Funds

Sl. No. Title of the Project Principal Investigator Year of Proposal/ Sanction Funding agency Proposed Sanctioned Proposed / Sanctioned amount
1 Detection of COVID through chest CT scan Ms. Savitri Kulkarni 2021 KSCST 5000
2 Identification of arecanuts and its classification using machine learning techniques Mr.ArunKumar D R 2021 KSCST 4000
3 Plant Diseases Detection and Treatment Recommendation Dr. Ajay Prakash B V 2020 KSCST 5000
4 Skin Cancer Detection using Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Srikantaiah K C 2020 VTU 5000
5 Sign Language Translator Dr. Krishna A N 2020 VTU 5000
6 Emergency Vehicle Traffic Control Mrs. Archana R A 2019 VTU 5000
7 Intelligent approaches for plant supervision (IAPS) Dr. Ajay Prakash B V 2019 VTU 5000
8 Intelligent and interactive Plant Disease Supervision using Deep Learning Dr. Ajay Prakash B. V. 2018 VGST 500000
9 Protection on the Go- A wearable Device to Curb Child Abuse Dr. Krishna A N 2018 VTU 5000
10 An Analysis of Pose estimation over LiDAR generated point cloud data Dr. Srikantaiah K C 2018 VTU 5000
11 Live data Streaming system for social media to address civic issues using big data technology. Mohan Kumar K N 2018 KSCST 5000
12 An Android application to address civic issue by helping citizens to get in touch with local authorities Dr.Srikantaiah K C 2016 KSCST 3000
13 A Unique Medical Data Analysis Platform using Medical Data Mining Techniques for Armed Forces Personnel Dr. K R Anandakumar 2011 DRDO 1424000