Lekha Wireless Solutions

Lekha is a Technology Solutions company with expertise in Communications and Embedded systems delivering products and services that enable clients to build, manufacture and deploy technologies profitably. Lekha is your ‘all-under-single-roof’ technology partner offering expertise in the areas of Hardware Board Design, FPGA, Embedded Software, Industrial Design and Design for compliance. Lekha also supports clients with Customization, System integration and manufacturing services.

WaveGuru is a Fully Integrated SDR(Software Defined Radio) for rapid prototyping and concept proving any radio application in Lab.

Student and faculties of the Department gain in terms of:

  • Research and Development – Quick Prototyping of Wireless Communication networks
  • Academics – for emulation and learning of wireless communication concepts
  • Workshops on WaveGuru and SDR and also IOT in Farm Robotics.
  • A placement activity is also planned shortly.