ECHORA 4.0, a Techno-cultural Fest organized by Department of ECE in every Even Semester of the Academic year. It is an opportunity for all the students to get involved in Extra-curricular events to showcase their designing and technical skills with their team building capabilities in all the events being conducted. 

With the blessings from Poojya Mahaswamiji, with the able guidance from Management and Principal, ECHORA 4.0, a mega technical event is planned to be scheduled on June 15th June, 2022 by the Department of ECE.  

  1. Squid Game 
  • Description – Multiple teams start searching for clues spread all over the campus, last team to search a specific clue after the others will be directly eliminated. Objective is to find the treasure by solving clues placed all over the campus and collecting words to form the final key to open the treasure. “Key” is a sentence when told will open the treasure. 
  • Team of 4 
  • Entry fee – ₹200 per team 
  • Prize money – ₹1000 for first prize 
  • Expense – Flash cards containing words of the key ₹100 
  1. Gymmit 
  • Description – Players will work in pairs to solve puzzles and Gym activity. Once Player A completes a given puzzle Player B will be allowed to start their Gym activity, on completion of this activity by Player B, Player A will get the next puzzle and a total of 4 pairs of puzzles and gym activities has to be completed sequentially in the fastest time to win the event. 
  • Team of 2 
  • Entry fee – ₹100 
  • Prize money – ₹250 
  • Expense – Puzzles (Online game on iPad) and Gym Equipment ₹0 
  1. Raining Catches 
  • Description – Two opponent teams will throw water balloons at each other with an aim of bursting the balloon on their opposition. In case if the balloon bursts while throwing, the opposition team will get the points of that round. 5 balloons will be given to each team. Objective of the activity is to catch the incoming balloons without bursting and increase their points. 
  • Team of 3 
  • Entry fee – ₹150 per team 
  • Prize money – ₹400 for winning team 
  • Expense – One packet water balloon – ₹100 
  1. Entangled 
  • Description – It is a team event, one end of a rope will be tied to a team member each, the other end will be tied to a firm platform, these ropes are tangled with each other, the objective of this activity is to detangle all the ropes and make the ropes parallel. This activity is a time-based activity and the team which takes the least time to detangle will win. 
  • Team of 3 
  • Entry fee – ₹150 
  • Prize money – ₹400 
  • Expense – 4 Jute ropes – ₹500 
  1. Twister 
  • Twister game challenges you to put your hands and feet at different places on the mat without falling over, Last player standing will win the activity. 
  • Solo game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize money – ₹150 
  • Expense – Painting materials, Cardboard for making spinner, stationaries ₹300 
  1. Sweet sixty 
  1. Marble Trouble 
  • Description – Empty the marbles from one side of the bottle to another side by shaking the bottle vigorously within 60 seconds.  
  • Solo game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize money – ₹100 
  • Expense – Marbles ₹200 
  1. Empty the box 
  • Description – A box filled with Ping Pong balls must be emptied within 60 seconds without usage of hands. 
  • Solo game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize money – ₹100 
  • Expense – Carton box, Ping Pong balls, paper balls 


  1. Attention Please! 
  • Description – Confusing Symbols printed on flash cards will be shown one by one to a player and they have to tell the correct answer. A player Who answers the greatest number of flash cards within the time of 60 seconds will win the activity. 
  • Rules – Arrow Symbols will contain a text, if the arrow is of green color, the answer must be the direction of the arrow and if the color of the arrow is RED, the answer must be color of text written within the arrow. Once a player tells a wrong answer the corresponding flash card will be discarded and not repeated again. Total of 60 Flash cards will be in the mix. 
  • Solo Game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize Money – ₹150 
  • Expense Cardboard – ₹100 
  1. Spoon Meri Jaan 
  • Description – A player will be given three marbles and a spoon. Player must balance all the three marbles on a slanting table for 60 seconds. 
  • Solo Game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize Money – ₹150 
  • Expense- ₹0 
  1. Can You? 
  • Description – Player must hit all the cans kept standing at a distance on the table using catapult within 60 seconds. 
  • Solo Game 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize Money – ₹150 
  • Expense- Cans ₹200 
  1. Balloon Pyramid 

Description – Grip the cups by blowing balloon inside them and arrange them to form a pyramid without using hands. 

  •  Team of two 
  • Entry fee – ₹50 
  • Prize Money – ₹200 
  • Expense- Paper cups, balloons ₹100