Department of Computer Science and Engineering is planning to conduct Cipher 2022 a technical fest, which provides a platform for the students to exhibit their talent with competitive spirit. Cipher 2022 event will be scheduled on 15/06/2022. Fest will consist of totally 14 exciting events; apart from these fun events will also be conducted. Winners will be awarded with exciting cash prizes and certificates. 

Events to be held in the technical fest are as follows: 

  1. Code of Duty Reel ‘N’ Steal 
  2. Reel ‘N’ Steal
  3. QR Hunt
  4. Techno Mania 
  5. Meta Verse 
  6. Glitch in the Matrix 
  7. Press Start(Gaming Event) 
  8. Animatrix 
  9. H-Factor 
  10. Brainstorm 
  11. Checkmate 
  12. Fifa Ps4 
  13. Mini Volleyball 2022 
  14. Rules