Alumni Testimonials

B.E. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2018-2022.
Working at Volvo group of trucks as ESW Associate Engineer.

“The college has a vast campus and has a very well-designed library and a great ground. The blocks have spacious classrooms. There who work as teachers. Faculty members are highly qualified and devote their free time to answering our questions and providing us with all the help we need. Placement training begins in the first semester and will give students more confidence when going through campus interviews. There were plenty of opportunities.
Proud to say I am SJBITian, will always look forward to paying back my gratitude to my alma matter”


B.E. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2019-2023.
Working at Mercedes Benz & GET

“SJBIT provides Quality teaching, interactive learning, Student Engagement based programs, provides best supervision and monitoring, helps in developing students thinking capacity, prepares student to face real world challenges.
The college has maintained greater MOU with big MNC companies and many other companies which provide better packages for the students. Our college has maintained the best placement quality over the years. The companies visiting our colleges are Mercedes Benz, Clarivate Analytics, Walmart, Itron, Triveni Turbines, Volvo, IG Group, LTI, Torry Harris, Betsol, SAP LABS, lead squared, Sign off semiconductors, TCS, Cooper Elevators, Juspay, Accenture, Wiley Edge, Cognizant and many more”


Abhishek Chamoli
B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering 2018-22.
Working at Wells Fargo as Software Engineer.

“I am delighted to share my positive experience at my college. The faculty members are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and passionate about their subjects. The diverse range of extracurricular activities and clubs has provided ample opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Moreover, the state-of-the-art facilities and resources have greatly enhanced my learning journey. Overall, my college has fostered an enriching and fulfilling academic environment.”

Abhishek Chamoli

Suhitha Lakkunda Rathnakara
B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering 2019-23.
Working as technical support engineer, Vmware

“SJBIT has always been a second home to me. I was a part of an amazing dance team called Dmetrix and my college supported us throughout the years and motivated me to give my best at it. In academics, I was always helped and pushed to perform better. The campus is just so beautiful I loved spending time in all seasons. I cherish every moment I spent there and also everyone who was a part of this journey with me”

Suhitha Lakkunda Rathnakara

Swapna Nagaraj

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2013-14

Working in Accenture – Senior Software Engineer

SJB Institute of Technology – has helped my personal development and build the confidence. The best institute that supports both curricular and co-curricular activities. The best infrastructure for a technical institute. The HR department helps students to face the interviews and tries the best to make sure that every student gets placed in top companies. Thank you for everything that institute has provided me.

Nischitha  C J

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2014-15

Working in CGI – Lead Analyst

SJBIT was more than a college to me. It’s a privilege to be connected to this institution. A place where I gained knowledge, best needed for the survival in outer world.

It was a wonderful experience with an excellent exposure provided across the various platforms. The faculty are very supportive and encouraging. Our management and the placement department provided the best industry exposure. They not only looks for mere placements but they make sure that the students of SJBIT possess employability skills. I thank the institute and the faculty for all the efforts put in by them, along with the perseverance and right moves.

Raksha V

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2016-17

Placed in CGI and Tech Mahindra Worked in Tech Mahindra

My engineering days at SJB institute of technology was a right combination of academics and extracurricular activities. The faculties here guided me at every stage which helped me enhance technical and interpersonal skills. It has the best infrastructure and research centers. The NSS camps organized by college influence your perspective on social responsibility. The HRD department at SJBIT provides training to the students based on industrial requirements and I got offer letters from 2 companies. Overall, SJBIT provided me the best environment to grow as an individual.


B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2012-13

Working in K S Institute of Technology

Professors of SJBIT, Bengaluru are well known for their deep understanding of their particular fields. They were very helpful and guided me in the proper way to become what I am now. The course curriculum is updated every 2-4 years as per industry requirements. To make students ready for the industry, many programs like guest lectures, industrial visits, and technical conferences are conducted. Infrastructure is top class in SJBIT campus and placement is awesome in SJBIT. Overall, SJBIT shapes the future of young buddies to mould their career.

Manjushree R M

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2016-17

Placed in Capgemini and Nttdata GDS PVT LTD

Worked at Ntt data Currently studying MS in CS AT New Jersey institute of technology

SJBIT has shaped my life skills in a way I could not imagine, from teaching me teamwork to being a solo contributor and everything in between. SJBIT helped me hone my future through their teaching staff and infrastructure.

Akash Prasad Chowdry

USN: 1JB14EE003

Batch: 2014-2018

Current organization & Designation: E Positive, Co-founder; Hardware system

engineer, Volvo Group AB

Being a proud alumina of Dept. of EEE, SJBIT I would like to express my gratitude towards all the teaching and non teaching staff of the department. The practices and discipline enforced at the department has been a huge aid for student like me exabit our talents on international stage. The department has been investing and a lot of time and effort to impart education apart from the university syllabus. This is something very important for the changing world of engineering. In my opinion introducing advanced courses such as “Numerical analysis” and “MATLAB Simulink”would be beneficial for the students.

Chetan R

USN: 1JB05EE014

Batch: 2010 Passed out

Current organization & Designation: Manager , Infosys

Department of EEE have always ensured to add the value to the subjects that were taught. Dedicated faculties, world class infrastructure have made my tenure of learning very cherish able. Varchasva, sports meet, Ethnic days have provided us a good platform to showcase our talents. We have a connect with each and every stakeholders of institute right from Principal, HOD and they were approachable anytime to address our concerns. I always love to associate myself with any events of SJBIT.

Ramya C

USN: 1JB07EE035 

Batch: EEE 

Current organization & Designation:, Senior Engineer in Digital Product Management – Eco Energy Insights 

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Institute I studied “SJBIT”

First and Foremost, It’s a great place for students. You can always get help from staff, they were always there when I needed help, they were easily approachable for guidance and always very flexible in meeting to help students.

College taught me Learning is a never-ending process and we learn best by doing things and acquire skills by practicing them repeatedly. That’s the key to growth. 

I have always been confident about my skills, since my institute gave me strong pavement, it taught me Agility, Adaptability, and effective Communication skills, it taught me Analyzing the information.

I have established my Technical, Conceptual, and Interpersonal skills only because of learnings and additional Trainings which I received from there.

Every experience in the institute was an opportunity to Learn and grow.

Mohan B S

USN: 1JB04EE019

Batch: 2004-2008

Current organization & Designation: SJB Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor.

SJBIT has a very good atmosphere, canteen and huge library.

Placements: In our college, placements are provided to around 85% of students. SJBIT has a really good atmosphere. Teachers and other faculty members here are friendly with students. Teachers are really awesome in paying complete attention. Placements are 100% guaranteed for eligible students

Infrastructure: Overall, I had a good experience at SJBIT. It is a good college for hostellers, and also the maintenance of the hostels is great.
Faculty: SJB Institute of Technology is well known for its excellent faculty members, so it made me assess the course curriculum in time. Faculty members only prepare the timetable and give it to students if we ask how to manage the time. So, faculty members are very friendly with students. We get placed in good IT and core companies.

Asha R  

USN: 1JB16EE002 

Batch: 2016-2020 

Current organization & Designation: Software Engineer, Testyantra Software Solutions, Bengaluru  

“SJB Institute of Technology has been the most fascinating journey of my life. It has been an institute which has helped me nurture my skills as an engineer and has given me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. All the credits must be given to the faculty of my EEE department, SJBIT who has supported me throughout the journey. Our college campus is one of the most beautiful campuses with greenery around. Students were trained not only to improve their technical skills but also to improve their soft skills which has helped many of us to give their best during placements. I feel immense respect and gratitude for all the faculty members and the department. Overall the experience I had was memorable. I am very much thankful to the college and my department”.