Alumni Liaison committee

Alumni Liaison committee is formed with Principal, Convener, Co-convener and faculty members from all the academic departments to foster the activities of alumni association.  The excellent rapport shared between the members of liaison committee and alumni has led to a strong bond and network between alumni and the institute. Many of our alumni are willing to ‘Give-Back’ to their alma mater through committee as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the institution. 

Alumni Liaison Committee shoulders the responsibility of coordinating alumni meets, talks, interactions, Alumni Social media reach, maintaining database, and provision to extend professional help from alumni to students.  

#Name of the StaffDesignationDepartment
1Dr. Supreeth HSGConvener ECE
2Mr. Thirumala S VCo-ConvenerMechanical Engg.
3Dr. Komala M MemberECE
4Mr. Sanjay B SMemberMechanical Engg.
5Mr. Chiranth L NMemberEEE
6Mrs. Roopa M JMemberCSE
7Dr. Vishruth B GMemberISE
8Dr. Neethu Patil MemberCivil Engg.
9Mr. Bharath T SMemberMBA
10Mrs. Roopa D RMemberPhysics
11Mr. Kiran TMember Chemistry
12Dr. Varun V LMemberMathematics
13Mr. Ranganath G HMemberSports
14Mr. Kumar MMemberPlacement