Awardees were:

1. Mr. Sachin S Kolarkar for Service to Society.

2. Mr. Thejesh for Professional Achievement

3. Mr. Manohar for Service to Institute

1. Introduction

SJB Institute of Technology has introduced the Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) program to honour outstanding alumni and to celebrate their achievements. The purpose of the DAA is to recognize the institute’s alumni, who have made significant contributions to the society. The DAA will be an exceptional honour to its recipients.

The following award categories and criteria are proposed.

2. Award Categories

Recipients will be identified in the following three distinct spheres.

1. Professional Achievement

2. Service to Society

3. Service and Support to SJBIT

2.1 Category A: For Professional Achievement

  • An alumnus/alumna whose accomplishments and contributions have had the broadest impact and positive effect on mankind.
  • Alumni should have exceptional accomplishment in his chosen professional field.

2.2 Category B: For Service to Society

  • An alumnus/alumna with an excellent service in the public sector or a sustained pattern of voluntary service to the community, or service to the arts, that has positively represented the Institute and impacted fellow citizens.
  • He/she should have demonstrated either outstanding success in a career in the public service or extraordinary contributions in the charitable, non-profit, or civic arena.
  • Public Service can include, but not limited to public administration, leadership, membership or support of civic organizations, charitable organizations, religious organizations, or other community related volunteer or financial support.

2.3 Category C: For Service and Support to SJBIT

  • An alumnus/alumna based upon a significant pattern of volunteer service to SJBIT that has positively impacted the Institute and its mission.
  • Voluntary Service to the Institute can include, but not limited to involvement with Institute or department committees, Alumni Association support, participation and membership, financial contributions, participation in Institute programs, teaching at the Institute, other voluntary membership, leadership, or service.


3.1 Eligibility

  • All the former students, who have been enrolled in a regular course of study at SJBIT are eligible for these awards.

Note: The following alumni are not eligible to be nominated for a Distinguished Alumni Awards:

  • Former students employed by the SJBIT during their term of employment.
  • Office bearers of the SJBIT Alumni Association, during their term of service.

3.2 Method of Nomination

  • Any former student of SJBIT can submit their nomination on or before 20-09-2022.
  • One nomination per individual will be considered, for each of the category, per year.
  • Method of selecting the Award winners

The following members will be part of the DAA selection committee.

  • Principal
  • HODs of all departments
  • Alumni Association Convener as Facilitator.