Human Resource Development is the framework for helping students to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities so as to enhance their personality as well as help them get placed in an organization which has global presence. SJB Institute of Technology is one of the very few colleges where the concept of HRD has been implemented and proved successful.

The HRD Department is sincerely working to empower students with various qualities and skills to achieve professional and personal excellence. The HRD is playing a major role in transforming the students to the expectations of the industry. All the students are informed about the necessity of maintaining good academic scores and are motivated regularly to achieve the same. Training programs and industry related seminars are routine and the students are exposed to these kinds of programs from the very first day they step into our institution. These programs along with mock tests, both offline and online, have been made mandatory and evaluation procedures are followed which are in line with those required by the corporate world. They are being prepared to be individuals with logical and analytical skills and with excellent practical knowledge with commendable communication skills.

The HRD Department at SJB Institute of Technology recognizes the need for imparting proper, streamlined and industry oriented training and as such actively organizes need-based short and long term programs on a regular basis.

In order to enable the students to get an insight into the industry, the Department of HRD also organizes technical and HR related lectures and seminars with the assistance of the core group from the respective industries. The HRD Department also successfully organized several Pre-induction programs in the campus to the selected candidates for the respective companies.   The Department has also achieved success in Corporate Training and Competency Mapping. It has initiated various cost-effective measures for the Corporates. It has been instrumental in creating avenues for faculties and students interaction between the various engineering colleges across the country.

The HRD Department at SJBIT strongly believes in engineering young minds to be disciplined, dedicated and determined so that in future they will confidently, capably and undoubtedly steer organizations towards growth, prosperity and excellence dynamically.

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