Research Initiatives

Research Funds

Sl. No. Title of the Project Principal Investigator Year of Proposal/ Sanction Funding Agency Proposed/ Sanctioned amount
1 Design and Fabrication of Pulp and Paper Making Machine using Corn Husk Mr. Suchith Kumar A N 2020 KSCST 7,000
2 Design and Fabrication of Dry coconut Slicer Chaithra B K 2020 KSCST 7,000
3 Manual Operated Multi seed sowing with Intercropping and Fertilizer Spreader Dr. Srinivas H K 2020 KSCST 6,000
4 Design and Fabrication of Cloth Drying Machine Mr. Adarsh B C 2019 VTU 5,000
5 Design and Development of Stair Climbing Wheel Chair Dr. T Madhusudhan 2019 VTU 5,000
6 Development of Automated Poultry Food Feeder Mr. Krishnamurthy N K 2019 KSCST 8,000
7 Investigations on the Influence of Nano Fillers on Tribological Behaviors of Areca Fiber Reinforced with Hybrid Composites for Automotive Applications Dr. Sanjay Kumar S M 2019 KSCST 8,000
8 Modified Agro Vehicle Mr. Naveen Kumar R R 2019 KSCST 8,000
9 Design and Fabrication of Manually Operated Car Shelter Mrs.Chaitra .B.K 2018 VTU 5,000
10 Design and Fabrication of Organic Waste Shredding Machine Dr. Madhusudhan T 2018 KSCST 8,500
11 Design and fabrication of Grape desteming and crushing machine Mr. Gangadhar T G 2018 VTU 5,000
12 Design and Fabrication of Areca nut tree climbing, plucking and spraying machine Sanjay BS 2018 KSCST 10,000
13 Design and Fabrication of Solar assisted Food Grain Disinfestation system Dr. Kiran Kumar P 2017 KSCST 7,000
14 Design and development of food grain disinfestation system using infrared radiation Dr. Kiran Kumar P 2014 VGST 4,00,000
15 Study of different curing method for fibre reinforced polymer composites Mr. Shankara D R 2014 KSCST 6,000
16 Design and fabrication of solar assisted refrigeration system Prof. T Madhusudhan 2014 KSCST 8,000
17 Design and Fabrication of Infrared (IR) Food Grain Disinfestation System Dr. Kiran Kumar P. 2013 VGST 40,000
18 Design & Fabrication of Low Cost Food Grain Disinfestation System Dr. Kiran Kumar P. 2013 KSCST 6,000