University of Agricultural Sciences Bengaluru, a premier institution of agricultural education and research in the country began in 1899. GKVK is providing their support and encouragement to take agricultural related projects to the students. Few of such kind of projects shown below. Also they are supporting student-faculty networking activities and curricula/content development.

←This idea is to emphasize on minimum of human efforts and time required for the de-husking of grains. Here the grains are made to pass through the blades which are rotated at suitable speed. Then the grain falls on to a vibrator which helps in removing the husk.

This seed sowing machine works on the concept of string and plate to reduce the seeds and fertilizer wastage and to sow them at a certain depth which varies from crop to crop to achieve optimum yield.                                                              →

←Cutting of betel nut is required little more effort by hand and also time consuming. To over come this problem, an effort has been made to develop a machines. This device is simple in design, portable, weightless, low cost and easy to operate by unskilled person.


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