NDLI is a Movement for Integrated Digital Learning Across India. It provides a A Single Window Towards Paradigm Shift in Indian Education. An initiative to engage learners and promote effective utilization of NDLI’s vast resources through competitions, training sessions and workshops. National Digital Library of India Club (NDLI Club) is an enabler of career progression for students, job seekers, researchers and learners. NDLI Clubs are set up in institutes and nodal bodies, and these Clubs conduct events to facilitate students to develop knowledge, skill and traits beyond regular curriculum which are essential for their progression in respective professional domain. The events may be either physical or virtual. Virtual events are web-based and are conducted through the NDLI Club portal. The events are organized at respective institute level or city/district/state/regional level or all-India level.

Features of NDLI clubs:

A Single-Source Knowledge Repository. A Single-Window Learning Platform.

Meeting India’s complex mix of learning needs spanning from multiple languages, geographies, socio-economic groups to multiple streams and levels of proficiency, through a single-source multi-access knowledge repository.

Democratizing Education. Learning Beyond Boundaries.

Paving the way to democratize education in the country through digitisation so that not just some, but all of India can Learn, Share and Grow.

New-Age Multi-Media Education Platform. A Single-Window Learning Platform.

A virtual teaching-learning-evaluation-knowledge discovery and innovation platform to encourage collaborative, personalized, self-paced, new-age multi-media education at all levels.

NDLI Edupreneurship Sessions. Learning Beyond Boundaries.

An endeavour to foster entrepreneurship in the education domain by encouraging learners to utilise NDLI’s digital resources.

SJBIT so far have 1701 memberships from staffs and students. Regular workshops, webinars are conducted addressing the learning gap of all domains.