Innovative Instruction Methodology

  • Innovative Content Delivery: The department is dedicated to implementing innovative methods for delivering content to students. All classrooms and seminars are equipped with Apple TV, and faculty members are provided with high-configured iPads to enhance content delivery.
  • Industry-Academia Bridge: Regular programs are organized to bridge the gap between industry and academics. These initiatives foster collaboration and practical learning experiences for students.
  • Effective Use of ICT Tools:The department leverages ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools to educate students across a wide range of subjects. Visual aids such as Keynote, Explain Everything, apps, and 3D models are effectively used to illustrate and visualize concepts.
  • Encouraging Self-Learning and Confidence: Self-learning is actively encouraged to build students’ confidence in delivering lectures to large groups. Seminars and student presentations in classrooms are routine activities within the department.
  • Assessments and Evaluation: Regular assessments are conducted using quizzes, classroom quizzes, flashcards, pictorial dictionaries, and group discussions. These methods evaluate students’ understanding of various topics.
  • Enhancing Knowledge through Short-Term Programs: The department offers a variety of activities, including short-term training programs designed to enhance students’ knowledge. These programs are led by academic and industry experts.