Seminar on Gender Equity Organized by MBA in Association with NIPM and IIC.

The seminar was delved deeply into the various facets of gender equity, encompassing relevant legislations, policies, and organizational laws.

“Imbued with the wisdom of Pujya Swamiji and under the esteemed guidance of the Principal and HOD-MBA, the Department of MBA proudly hosted a seminar on ‘Gender Equity’ in collaboration with NIPM and IIC. This enriching event, held on June 29th, 2024, in the MBA Seminar Hall at 10:00 AM, was specifically designed for the intellectual enrichment of our esteemed IV Semester students.

Gracing the occasion as our distinguished speaker was Ms. Vidhya Rani, Lead HR Business Partner at Rittal Pvt. Ltd. Her expertise and insightful perspective illuminated the concept of ‘Gender Equity’ for our students, utilizing captivating real-world examples to enhance understanding. Through this comprehensive exploration, students were empowered to not only raise awareness and foster understanding of this critical issue but also cultivate positive attitudes towards a more equitable and inclusive society. They were equipped with the knowledge and tools to become active contributors in creating a world where gender equality thrives.”