MavenHive is a Bangalore based tech consulting firm specializing in end-to-end development and training. Over the last five years, MavenHive helped several startups and organizations across the world realizing their product vision and achieve major milestones in their journey. MavenHive specialize in technical consulting, web development, systems integration, API development, cloud computing, agile training and product development.


  1. To effectively share the facilities and expertise for improving the capabilities for advanced education and research.
  2. Collaborate to share and exchange information between both parties for mutual benefit and knowledge enhancement.
  3. To conduct state/national/international level design & developmentevents & contest in association with leading organizations.
  4. To provide experts from “Mavenhive” for academic and training programmes of “SJBIT”.
  5. To provide Certification courses for students.
  6. To provide advice in formulating curriculum and syllabus of courses of “SJBIT” in UG/PG/SHORT TERM COURSES by the experts from “Mavenhive”.