Company Background: LoginwareSofftecPvt Ltd established in 2016, is a knowledge-driven company that values cutting edge technology practices and provides comprehensive solutions to help our customers achieve their goals. Loginware is a proactive player covering the full spectrum of software services, from design, development, implementation, Validation, support and corporate training. Loginware  provides solutions that enable its customers to deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions. Leveraging a variety of platforms from Embedded Engineering to Application Development with system software support.


  • Creating a one-stop technology platform or a knowledge hub to support all kinds of technology needs of Tier II and III cities.
  • Make available at one location all of the essential technology facilities, training and support services needed by individuals of tier II and tier III cities.
  • Systematically create substantial number of new modern small business enterprises and worker cooperatives.
  • Generate economic growth and employment opportunities for youth and poor people in tier II and tier III cities.


  • Technology Management
  • Collaboration and Learning
  • Knowledge sharing initiatives to build on and leverage existing relationships among individuals, technology enthusiasts and SME’s of tier II and tier III cities.
  • Internship for PG and UG Students