INM Technologies

Innovative of Nano & Micro Technologies private Limited (INM Technologies) registered on 23rd January 2015 under companies Act 2013, offering services and innovative products in the area of nano and microtechnologies. The company has state of art facility for all synthesis/deposition characterization and testing techniques. Also have an expertise in the field of material engineering/pharmaceutical technology and service in advanced technology and product development. 


  • Interaction with Research oriented industry of students and staff.
  • Strive harder and together for contributing to society.
  • To promote Research and Development Activities.
  • To provide Academic platform and support to Industry /Institution needs for Human Resource Development.


  • Organizing guest lectures and technical talk on either sites for sharing of technological updates.
  • Inviting  papers / participation from industry  delegates  in conferences to be organized in Institution.
  • Industry visits to students and faculty members.
  • Project works for UG & PG Students.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Internship &Vocational training programs in industries for students.
  • Research activities towards; product development / problem solution / Innovation.
  • Community service programs.