FDP on Basics of Mathematical Modelling and MATLAB Coding Organized by Civil Engg. Dept.

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About FDP

Mathematical models are important in engineering because they help to explain known physical phenomena and predict their behaviour in time. They offer convenience and cost advantages over other means of obtaining the required information on reality. Further, MATLAB is a programming language with excellent programming features and graphics capability. It has many inbuilt function which can be used by engineers who are not professional programmers to model and solve engineering problems. Therefore, this workshop aims at providing a forum for UG/PG level faculties, PG students and research scholars in civil engineering to upgrade their skills regarding mathematical modelling and programming aspects. The principal objective of this workshop is to present the fundamental aspects of mathematical modelling and programming techniques using MATLAB platform to solve real world engineering problems. The workshop is packed with eminent speakers and hands on sessions which will enlighten the participants not only with aspects of mathematical modelling but also nuances of MATLAB programme to solve engineering problems.