Engineers’ Day Celebrations

Celebration of Engineers’ Day on 15th September 2023: Time: 14.00 to 16.30hrs

Engineers’ Day is a moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements and dedication of our engineering professionals. In recognition of their unwavering commitment to excellence,    this special occasion provides us with an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our engineering team and their relentless efforts in driving innovation, progress, and excellence within our organization.

The following are the events as shown against Department Names, and financial sanctions as per the amount mentioned against.

Sl.No.Department NameEventTeam SizeAllotted for Prize and other expenses
1CSEIDEATHON3 Members7,500/-
2ISEStart Up Ideas7,500/-
3.ECEFlash Engineering Challenge7,500/-
4.Electrical & ElectronicsDebate/Technical Quiz7,500/-
5.MechTech Idea Presentation7,500/-
6.CivilBridge Model Making Competition7,500/-
7.MBATechnical Paper and Poster Presentation7,500/-