Cluster Info Solutions

Cluster Info Solutions Pvt Ltd is a training division of CLUSTER GROUP which is a product development, consultancy and technology education company started by clusters. At cluster Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, focused on providing cutting edge R&D, software development and training solutions to industries and educational institutions. 


  1. Collaborative research: Driven towards solving real time industry problems
  2. Technological and financial support to patent academic projects which have industry potential.
  3. Technological, logistic and financial support to convert patented ideas into start ups.
  4. Conferences, seminars by leading industry experts on cutting edge technologies.
  5. Soft skill development for students.


The activities of the Cluster are designed to be of benefit to the institution in terms of improving domain expertise of students and faculty through research projects.

  1. Technological monitoring and guidance for undergraduates/post graduate research and thesis work in various disciplines.
  2. Identification and grooming of in-house and external need based research projects.
  3. TSET/KDP/PSET for faculty and industry professional in and around the region.
  4. Training for students and faculties in cutting edge technologies and software’s.