Training Programme


Corporate training is provided with an association of Ethnotech. Students of MBA are trained both academic and personal in vertical. Trainers are engaging various training programs including personality development, industrial exposure, english communication etc.

Training on Basics of Visual Basic Application

Excel VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is a combination of the Microsoft’s event-driven programming language Visual Basic with Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Excel. It enables you to automate various activities in Excel, such as generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, calculations, etc.

Understanding The VBA Editor | Understanding Macr Code | Variables and Data Types in VBA | VBA Operators and Expressions | Conditional Statement if..Then..else | Looping Statement / Repeating Actions with a Loop | Creating Functions with VBA | Arrays.

Training on Search Engine Optimization       

1. Knowledge of tool
2. Strategies and best practices of SEO
3. Relevant traffic and earn more.
4. Search Engines
5. Search Engine results
6. Content Marketing.

Training on Basic and Advance Excel

1. Introduction to Excel 2013
2. Menu and Tool Bar
3. Entering Data in cell
4. Editing data
5. Types of Data
6. Moving around a work sheet

People Soft Management

1. Introduction to financial and Supply Chain
2. PS application and Design
3. System Architecture
4. SetID
5. Business Unit
6. Record Group


Outbound training is renowned as “The World’s most effective and lively classroom” It enhances team building spirit, leadership qualities and helps in personality development

Training activities beyond one’s physical and mental boundaries allowing individuals to understand themselves and the people around. Activities focused towards transforming individual ’I’ of everyone towards the common ‘I’ of the team and strengthening interpersonal relationships among the team members. Outbound platforms for every individual to open up and to explore, because what lies beyond can’t be explored within the boundaries.

Students of 4th and 2ndsem were taken to outbound training on 30.03.2019 at Eagles Unbond, Kanakapura road, Bangalore.

MBA Department of SJBIT designed outbound training for the students   based on students recreational, learning and development needs. It introduces the students to learning with adventure and outdoor education, leading to meaning full experiences, reflection self-discovery and character development.

Students were divided in different groups and were assigned different tasks. With every event the enthusiasm kept souring. The shyness and hesitation was replaced by confidence and initiative.
Every member of each team tried to do the task assigned to him to perfection in order to achieve team objective.

Activities like Crossover ,Mind games, wall climbing, Zip line, Archery ,shooting, Burma bridge etc  taken place these activities  helped students to understand the importance of strategic planning and implementation of strategy.

Strategy  Team Communication, Balancing planning & Implementation, Driving teams towards implementation of strategic vision

The students learned that by performing the task assigned to them in a manner desired led to the achievement of their team’s objective. Students also  learned about Skill Development ,Team Building  Team Bonding,  Trust Building,  Collaboration, Communication,  Motivating Teams,  Assertiveness,  Decision Making,  Innovation,  Strategic Thinking, Creativity,  Goal Setting.